La Tecla del Alma (the keyboard of the Soul) in Trieste last night

Update: the video of the full concert is now available:

Great concert, superb technical facilities, supportive audience, and a real privilege for me to be given the chance to perform live with a musician of the caliber of Paola Erdas.

I managed to capture all of my images (the final mix that was sent to the projector from 2 MacBook Pro), the audio was recorded by technicians of the Conservatorio Tartini, they also shot a video of the event, there should be some interesting material coming out of this later.

In the mean time, here's a video shot by an audience member, and a couple of shots taken during rehearsals a few days ago.

Much more to come.

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My workstation for the Trieste concert: two MacBook Pros doing the concert work proper, and one more to record/capture my final output (worked great!), a preview monitor, 2 Wacom tablets (Intuos Pro and Intuos), several external drives, the Spark D-Fuser crossfader, a couple of USB 3 docks, two HDMI splitters and an iPad displaying my "score" so as to be in total sync with Paola Erdas, the immense harpsichordist I had the privilege to work with in this concert (for the first, but not the last time):

Concert done, what a journey that was!

The concert hall was full, the public was attentive, supportive, and gave us a huge standing ovation at the end (we had to do an encore).

There will be more concerts like that one for sure, most likely in North America as well.

Here are photos taken during the concert, I’ve been back in Montréal for a little over 2 days and am still on a cloud!  

Don’t miss this video excerpt of the concert:


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