Last Call for Studio Artist Users Exhibition at Rocky Neck Art Colony Gloucester, MA

I have repeatedly invited studio artist users to make use of an opportunity to show their work in print, framed, at RNAC Gloucester, MA, in January of 2014. The response has been disappointing. I have especially looked at work by the following artists whom I invite again here to send to 5 4x6 inch jpgs for selection for the show. These artists are: Marc Gould, David Dodd, John Dalton, "a73x15", Brunner, Stellitano, Perlow, Dent.

My perception is that I am trying to do something to publicize Studio Artist user's work, and I hope to receive some responses and jpgs soon. The work the artists named above do is worth showing since they initiate an art movement still quite unknown.




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Thanks again for posting this invitation to exhibit Studio Artist work.

It's easy for people to forget about something like this, especially when the original forum posts get covered up on the main user forum page. And i'm sure many people are like myself, with the best of intentions, but caught up in the onslaught of daily life.

I'd encourage people to submit some artwork, especially since Otto has graciously offered to deal with the majority of the logistics associated with the event. And it would be fun to have an exhibit specifically focused on Studio Artist generated digital artwork.

Is that my name on the list, Otto ?

If yes, I'm OK with your invitation. Thanks. Tell me how to continue...

dear Bernard, please see the latest call I posted for specification of how to submit etc.

Submit to




thank you john for the remind

Here's some more specific information about what Otto is looking for submissions to the show:

1.     5 work samples (jpgs)  up to ½  mb each, 300 dpi, 4x6 inches (1800 x 1200 pixels), landscape or portrait

2.     Naming convention for files (using underscore): First_lastname_ number_title_size_in_inches.jpg, for example: Ann_Howard_2_Enchantment_18x24.jpg

3.     An artist statement indicating what you aim to achieve in your artistic work

4.     If existing, a link to animations on which your stills, directly or indirectly, are based.

I will be submitting.  Sorry, Otto for my delay!


Thanks for the invitation to submit. I will be submitting images shortly. Regards, Mark


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