I am having a problem with layer jumping which seems to be built into some of the PASeq factory presets.
For example SimpleLumPanto1c.
I try to start it on layer 11 but it repeatedly jumps to layer 2, overwriting what was on layer 2.
I tried several other Pantograph Etching PASeqs and they did the same thing.
I think that their should be a way to turn of all layer numbering in PASeqs for the times we want to have the PASeq operate only on a specific layer.

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What would be truly wonderful is if we could click on the the layer number in the Paseq editor and assign the layer. I gather that this is not possible at this time with the current frameworks, but maybe sometime in the future?
If you turn off layer playback for the PASeq preset in the editor palette then it will only playback on the current layer.

I believe the particular pantograph presets you are referring to that jump back to layer 2 were built using 2 layers with layer playback on, so you couldn't just play them back in a single layer and have them work correctly.

When you run the 'interface to action step' context menu command to overwrite a paseq action step it also records any editing changes you made to the layer. So you could run action step to interface, change the layer, and then run interface to action step to edit just the layer it plays back on if you want it to. It looks like there's a cosmetic bug associated with this where the layer indicator doesn't update appropriately in the action step display when you do this edit. If you drag the step you will see that the layer edit did take place. We'll fix that cosmetic bug for the next release.
By turning off layer playback and stripping out the actions that were on the same layer that I wanted I was eventually able to run the selected steps on the layer that I chose.

It seems that history sequence does not respond to turning off layer playback.

I will also experiment with action step to interface, and 'interface to action step'.


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