“Mille Regretz, live” will screen at the Melbourne International Animation Festival on July 16, in the International Program #4: Abstract Showcase 

That festival has been incredibly supportive of my work, selecting one, often 2 of my movies, each and every year since 2006.
It even brought me in as a guest (looong trip) in 2008.

For the record, MIAF receives in excess of 4,000 submissions each year.

This year’s selection is a special treat, it opens the door to official competition for works done mostly in real-time, a far cry from the usual studio work

Indeed, “Mille Regretz, live” was generated and mixed in real-time during a concert held in Trieste, Italy (with the fabulous harpsichordist Paola Erdas, full concert video available here), and the self-standing movie version was not edited at all after it was recorded live (other than adding credits an such).

Here’s an album of images pulled from the movie.

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