Please how do i access the grid tiling movie brush preset in Studio Artist v4

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Please I'm working on a photo mosaic and I'm using 4,8,16,32 as my brush sizes but anytime I make the brush size 32 and click to apply, it goes off the grid (like the brush image does not align or follow the direction of already existing brush images.)
And please does one need to always change values in the H and V offset parameter(path application panel)to help align the brush image for each brush size I choose. I'm using the Gridscan Max brush path start generator. Thanks

If you want to post your tiling preset, i can take a look at it. Otherwise, it's hard to comment, since i don't know what other paint synthesizer settings you have turned on or off.

Please I have attached some files to show the challenge that I was facing
Please I have attached some files to show the challenge that I was facing
Attached files
Attached files

That paint preset has a grid tiling path start generator. But there's nothing setup for grid tiling if it's used for manual painting. And it seems like you are referring to manual painting with your what happens if i change the brush size comment?

You'd want the Spacing set to 200, and something like the Rect Tiling option for the Mode (path application control panel) if you want tiling to work for manual painting.

If you aren't talking about manual painting and i'm mis-interpreting what you are saying, let me know

Thanks for the reply,
From the "what happens if I change the brush size"file I attached, I've manually painted some brush image using 16,8,4,32 brush sizes respectively and with the 16,8 and 4 brush sizes it tiles correctly or sub-nests correctly but when I used a brush size of 32 the brush image does not tile or align to existing painted nibs.
I have set the spacing to 200 and have set the mode parameter in the path application panel to Rect. I dont know if I'm missing something.

You might need to use a 50% H and V Tile Offset so that the initial tile nibs at the edges are fully positioned within the canvas, as opposed to being positioned so that the individual nib is centered at the edge.

Please thanks for the reply.
Yes I set the H and V tile offset to 50% but still had the same problem using the 32 sized brush.

Are you talking about only manual painted tiles? Or manual painted tiles in relationship to previous auto-painted ones?

Here's a previous post that talks about sub-nesting, and includes paint synth parameter settings to generate it. Note that it's using a different path start generator for the auto-draw part.

Yes please, i'm talking about manual painted tiles only


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