Please how do i access the grid tiling movie brush preset in Studio Artist v4

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Please could anyone help me on how to manually draw  shapes and fill it with solid colour in SA.

What kind of shapes? Lasso draw style shape? Or some specific kind of pre-defined shape?

You can use region fill as brush mode. Use the Reinitialize paint synth macro edit command (integrated help browser), then goto Pen Mode control panel and change Pen Mode to Region Fill as Brush. This will let you draw solid fill lasso draw shapes manually.

For both regular shapes like rectangles,squares,triangles and irregular shapes.And please are the drawn shapes anti-aliased or aliased.

Squares and circles you could easy do using the computation Brush Source, drawing a single brush nib. They will be a fixed size.

In SA V5, there is a new Shape Region option for the Vector Stroke Type when the main Render Option is Vector solid color. There are a large number of different shape types to choose from (40 different shape types). The brush nib is the vector shape when using this paint synthesizer configuration.

In either of the above situations, you could use something like pen pressure or tilt to modulate the size of the fixed brush nib shape.

You could also use a MSG Line option for the Brush Source to use a MSG processor to generate brush shapes.

And of course you could load any image as an image brush that was a black shape on a white background for  the black shape to be a brush nib.

In SA V5, there is a Manual Draw parameter in the pen Mode control panel when the Pen Mode is Region Fill as Brush. You can choose lasso, or other options like rectangle ellipse, triangle, square, or LineTO. LineTo lets you draw a series of straight line segments (you use the command key to introduce a new straight line segment to the shape you are building (hold down the command key and move the cursor, at which point a new line segment will appear starting at the end of the last one).

In SA V5, the Bezier Draw operation mode offers a Shape Region DrawType, which has a few pre-defined shape options for drawing bezier regions. They would be easy to fill with solid color using the paint synth.

I forgot another way to do pre-defined shapes using region fill as brush pen mode. In the Region Fill as Brush control panel, you can set the Generator to Region Draw Generator. It will then use the Region Draw pen type's Region Fill Type to generate the region shape (based on the overall size of the lasso drawn region you manually draw). A lot of those Region Fill Type options are various hatching options, but there are also some full shapes like ellipses, triangles, etc. And of course you can set the region fill as brush Generator to rectangle or H/V bars.

We could add a specific shape option for the region fill as brush generator that would allow for selecting the 40 vector shapes i mentioned in my previous post, so i'll add that to our 'to do' list for the future.

Please how can you regionize an image filled with shapes from another software program like illustrator and fill it with a movie brush

I have attached a file where i drew shapes of circles using illustrator and would want to regionize them for subsequent SA effect.


Asare, did you read this recent post?

Flip your image so the black circles are white, then set the selection buffer to that image, then follow the instructions in that post.

Or, you could use the path start regionizer generator that uses the entire canvas as pre-defined regions, fill in everything, then use your original inverted image as a mask and fill in the non circle images with a solid color.


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