I created a movie brush follwing the method: action--- process with paint action sequence--- image to movie.

(It is a collection of 1000 .jpg converted to a .mov file.)

when I try to use it to create a

mosaic a message appears saying that the file is "too big to preload to it was switched

to disk draw internally"

I click OK . when I run the preset : paint synth classic----mosaic movie brush---smooth

cellular    the cells don´t draw the images from the big movie brush. just draw in plain color.

What Im doing wrong?

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what your picture's dimension ?

my mosaic is going to be 2048 x 2048 pixels.  

the .mov file is 150x 150 pixels.  1200 frames  each frame a picture of course

I agree with John. It's normal. But if you said that the movie brush turn into cell with plain color, I guess it because your Brush Source or Brush Type Setting. It could be the procedure when you created the movie brush. Is it kind of aplha  channels movie brush ?

it is not an alpha channels movie brush.

and when I load the movie brush I can not see the little thumbnail in th e bottom of studio artist. (with other movie brushes you can see the thumbnail) with mine appears black. any clue?

John . any idea why my movie brush thumbnail is black ?

Usually a black source image or brush thumbnail indicates that the alpha channel for the image or movie is set to full off. Or the image is full black.

my movie file is not black. when I play it shows a fast slideshow of individual images.

how can I know if my movie file have an alpha channel set to full off?

If you load it as a source movie in studio artist and it shows up black in the source preview, then it probably has an embedded alpha channel set to full off. You could erase the canvas to the source and look at the rgb contents in the canvas. Or erase the canvas to source alpha if you wanted to look at just the alpha channel.

You can also use Quicktime Player 7 app to look at how the video tracks in the movie are set up in the info dialogs.

What compression codec are you using?

Movie brushes can potentially take up a huge amount of memory if pre-loaded into memory. So, if SA feels it will be too big, it automatically switches it to disk draw. So that's the message you saw. It's totally normal behavior.

but when I apply the preset , the cells do not show the frames from the movie brush. just draw the cells in plain color. (solid color)

this is happening. no luck so far



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