I am looking for an MSG preset that randomly changes the colour combinations of an image without changing the image in any other way.

I've been through the presets and all the ones i've come up with over the years.... has anybody got one they could share?


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Here's one quick idea. MSG processors are available to transform from RGB to a number of different color spaces (and back again), including YIQ, VHS, LHS, LAB, LUV, etc. SO you could transform the image to an alternate color space, then add a random offset to the hue or saturation images, then transform back to RGB again. This will transform the coloring without changing the image in any other way.

Is there a reason why you need to use MSG? The Color Palette map image operation effect allows for all kinds of sophisticated color transformations based on the source color palette. they aren't going to change the image in any way except for it's coloring. And allow for more artistic control than things like randomized hue rotation.

Thanks John,

I didn't consider the image op colour palette..but I will try that now

I initially went down the MSG route as I have had some amazing results from randomising the evolution editor, and wondered if I could do this with just colours

Good point about using the Evolution Editor to easily generate randomized coloring variations..

There are a few more MSG options you could try. There's RGB_HueMap and RGB_HueShift (for working with hue transformations).

Then, there are some color palette mapping processors. Like ForceColorMap and SmoothColorMap. I often drop them as the last part of an abstract image generation processor chain to generate more interesting color variations.

Thanks for the suggestion..
Ps I’ve only just been notified by ning about this response.


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