Hi, I'm just upgrading the hard drive of my aging steam powered macbook to an SSD drive. I'm not going to migrate anything, just start with a new software installation.

Can I just load the SA5 dmg file and put in the serial number?..and was the 64 bit version in that dmg file


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Sure, just download the SA V5 dmg installer from your myaccount at synthetik.com.

Then open the dmg in the mac finder. The dmg finder folder should open.

Installation is just a folder drag and drop, so drag the Studio Artist 5 folder to your Applications folder.  There is an alias to your Applications folder in the dmg folder to make it extra easy to do.

You can close the dmg now. You don't need it anymore.

Now, go to 'Applications/Studio Artist 5' folder in the finder, and open it. There are 2 different Studio Artist application builds in there.

The 32 bit build, which has full functionality if the os version supports 32 bit V5 applications.

And the 64 bit V5 application, which is missing any functionality associate with the Quicktime api. So movie file io, psd image file io, and live video capture are missing. Excluding anything quicktime relate, all of the rest of the functionality is identical to the 32 bit application build. And because it's a 64 bit build, it has access to the huge 64 bit virtual memory allocation pool, which means you can work with larger canvas sizes that would run out of memory in the 32 bit application.

The 64 bit V5 application will have '64 bit' in it's name.

You can drag the appropriate application icon to your mac dock.

The first time you run your newly installed SA app, it will ask you for your serial number in the registration dialog.  Enter the correct registration number, being sure to not add any extra blank spaces at the beginning or end of the text entry field in the dialog.

32 bit support is missing in osx 10.15 Catalina and will not be coming back in the future. Quite the opposite, things are continuing to change at a rapid pace on the mac platform. Apple is moving from intel chips to their own ARM RISC chips. The same ARM chips used in iPhones and iPads.

Apple announced new osx 11 Big Sur at WWDC a few weeks ago.  Big Sur supports both intel macs, and ARM macs.

Some of you old timers may remember the transition from PPC macs to intel macs. There was this concept of dual binaries for mac applications at the time, where you could compile the application code twice, once for PPC and then once for intel (this is what the dual in the name refers to). The operating system would grab the appropriate binary to run based on the chip it was running on.

But what about your old applications, the ones that are already compiled, and compiled for just one platform. Rosetta was provided as a way to run your old non dual binary software on a virtual machine (an emulation of the old computer architecture running on the new computer architecture).

Upcoming Big Sur (mac os 11) includes an intel emulator (virtual machine) called Rosetta 2. It is designed to let you run your old intel only applications on ARM chip macs. Old 64 bit applications, not old 32 bit applications. 

Apple is going to great lengths to 'erase the past', very Orwellian of them. It should be obvious to you that if they can run intel code on a virtual machine, they could also still run 32 bit code in a virtual emulation environment if they wanted to give you that ability, but they don't. 

It should also be obvious that while it's great that they are providing Rosetta 2 to run your old 64 bit apps, they will most likely make that go away as well as soon as they think they can get away with it. So i'm going to take a guess and say 2 years.  The writing is on the wall, everything needs to transition to native ARM code on the mac.

The existing SA V5 64 bit application will run on Big Sur. Native if the mac is intel, in emulation via Rosetta 2 if the mac has an ARM chip in it.

We are addressing all of this (and more) in our current development efforts. So things like getting all of the movie file and video capture features back again in a 64 bit build. And all of the issues associated with running Studio Artist on ARM chips native. We've been spending a lot of time here focusing on making sure the core code base and associated dynamic libraries are future proof.  I feel very confident about the decisions we made to insure Studio Artist will keep running through all of these major changes on the mac platform.

We'll be talking about all of this in much more detail as the summer progresses.

Thanks for the in depth answer John, I'm sure others will find it useful too..

I'm currently maxed out on this machine at Sierra..and for now it does everything that I want.

I feel i'll be like one of those characters on the Mad Max movies..putting bits of cars together to make the one they want..

One thing you should be aware of. The next update we do is going to require os 10.15 Catalina or later to run on the mac.  We wasted a lot of time trying to support older mac os versions, and had to drop all of that to avoid endless problems.  I want to be clear, apple forced us into this position.  But it is what it is.

ok, I'll just have to bite the bullet and get a new machine..


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