Not sure if this is just me... But for the last week or so the forum site has been acting very strangely.

On entering the page the image gallery appears as usual - but the discussions are WAY down below the fold. The gallery then refreshes and either jumps to the column on the left or disappears... At the same time the discussions way down go further down. With each refresh, the discussions go deeper south. There are a couple other oddities with user icons floating around over the central column as well. Everything still works - just the layout is broken.

This happens on Mac Mojave, Safari and Chrome and Firefox... if not the latest versions very close to the latest.

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I had reported this to Ning as a bug. They told me they fixed it. And to reset my browser cache for the new changes they made to take effect. I'm seeing the same thing here again as you reported.

Guess there are still issues with what they are doing. I will bug them again about it.

The still art gallery is actually refreshing into a new position with each image. Progressively going to the left side of the screen and down the depth of each image - which is forcing down the discussions with each refresh. Since it happens on all my browsers and happens even after I blow away caches... I am thinking its a pretty basic functional issue.

Thanks for the info. Will pass it on to Ning. Doubt anyone will read it there before jan 2.

Craig, how is the user forum displaying for you now?

If it's still acting weird, try logging out and then try again.

It was still glitching when I hit the site. But on logout/log in it is fixed.

That's a seriously odd way to fix an error like that. LOL!

Back to normal on Safari at any rate!

Happy New Year!


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