I have been remembering a wonderful group of Paint Synth Presets from a very long time ago. I crave to experiment with some old effects I haven't seen in well over a decade. I think they are in the set shown here (attached image): Steven's Presets. Basket Weave... These were part of a larger collection in Studio Artist 2.0's User folder.

I was wondering if these Presets were ever recreated for later versions of SA. If not - maybe they could be recreated? I still have all the SA 2.0 stuff... but sadly I don't have anything that runs the old SA 2.0 application. If I did I could snoop around the Paint Synthesizer and get an idea.

Does anyone know if these were ever brought forward into recent versions (4.0 or higher) of SA?

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You should be able to read in all of your old presets (all the way back to V1) in V4 or V5. If they are PASeq presets, you might need to read them into V3.5 first. But things like paint synth presets should load directly in V4 or V5. 


I was able to access the old presets - but not from all versions of SA. I cannot access any Paint Synth Preset made before 2008 in my version of StudioArtist™5.01_64bit.app. 

I can see folder structure - but no Presets.

In my StudioArtist™5.01.app (32 bit) version - I can see and can use the older Presets. However the particular Presets I was interested in use a Path Memory 1 in Path Shape. I suspect the Path Memory is not available/loaded any more… Just a guess. The Basket Weave Presets don’t do anything (visible)

I am in the habit of using the 64 bit version. I just assumed that in the newest versions of SA something no longer read the Presets… But it appears the issue is only with the 64 bit version.

Open them in the 32 bit V5 app, then save them. Then you should be able to open them in the 64 bit app. The 64 bit app can't read the old resource fork info in them since it's based on a Carbon api call.

The internal path memory options in the paint synth came later. Internal is stored in a paint preset, global is not. So if you are using a preset that references a global path memory, you will need to manually record some bezier paths into it.

I am going to try some saving!

I had forgotten how exciting some of the factory Paint Synth Presets were. Back in 2000-ish - the whole wet mix thing was what made SA stand out from other applications. It's still a feature very few art applications address the way SA does. Lots of fun and kooky effects in those old Presets.


The original V4 release had all of the old presets in it's preset collection in addition to newer V4 ones. Organized as collections by version. Later in the V4 release cycle, we switched to only V4 presets. So if you hunt up that original V4 preset folder, they may have been already converted to a form to open in V5.

I finally inspired to move copies of my older Presets to SA Version 5. I started moving the folder and looked for them but they don't seem to be showing up in SA5.

For instance I moved "General" Folder (Red Dot) from the Dual mode/Default (Violet Dot)  to Preset (Blue Dot) Folder of Version 5.(I moved them back to the original location in SA4.03 when it did not work)

Can you tell me the procedure to do move the Presets correctly? Perhaps I am doing this wrong.


See attached screen shots


Did you reload the collection you put them in? It's not going to update in the Preset Browser until you do that.

how do you reload the collection?

I had just moved the folder and reopened SA.

If SA is running, then you can reload by switching to another collection and then back gain in the preset browser.

If you start up SA and they aren't there, then you must have put them in the wrong place in the Preset folder. Here's a tip on preset folder organization that explains how it's laid out.

I have some old patches that I created in 2001 that don't seem to do anything now. I hit play and nothing happens. I have gone through the various parameters and don't see anything that would prevent them from working. I have tried them with white, black, and source image backgrounds. I have done a full erase. The path start inhibitor parameter is set to "none". 

I am attaching one of these patches to see if others are having the same problem.


Yeah, i'm not having any luck with that. if you have a 3.5 around that still runs on your system, you could try importing it and then saving it. Would probably fix it.


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