So, I've got a two layer PASeq, and I'd like to read in a folder of images, and write out a folder of images.


When I choose "Process w. Paint Action Sequence->Image to Image," then a new canvas is created. So, even if I've got two layers on my current canvas, the new canvas is create with only one layer.


The other ways of doing this all seem to involve either reading in a movie or writing our a movie. Is there a way to do this involving reading and writing image sequences that I'm not thinking of?


Thanks, Michael

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I'm confused, because i just ran a test with Studio Artist 4.03 and 4.04a2 with 2 layers, a 2 layer PASeq with Layer Playback turned on, and Action : Process with paint action sequence : image to image menu command, and it worked fine.


Check to see what you have the canvas view controls set to. It's not going to record and play that back unless you have the PASeq View Playback option turned on. So maybe you have it set to view current layer?


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