Thanks for the reply.

When i run the preset (i.e smooth cellular2) i see the brush nibs filling in the regions generated from the path start regionizer with the pen mode set to region fill as brush, but when i tried to manually fill in the regions (using the same region fill as brush pen mode) it does not fill in the regions created from the path start regionizer. The shape of the region created from my manual fill is totally different from the one created clicking on the action button.

I want my manual fill to fill the regions intelligently created by the path start regionizer.

I am using SA V 4.05 windows(OS)

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Thanks for the reply. Please I've tried what you described but after I have saved the canvas as a png file I still see a white background fill.
And please where can I locate the alpha view only option.

Here's how you can change the canvas view to view the current alpha only:

You should read the section of this tip on how to erase the canvas that discusses 'full erase'. Erasing to white will set the entire canvas alpha channel to full on (which allows you to see the white). Full erase erases the canvas rgb channels to whatever you specify, while also setting the alpha channel to full off.

You can also manually set the alpha channel to full off (or other things) by using the appropriate canvas : alpha : set to menu commands.

Please how do I fill the background of an existing effect from a preset with solid colour as in the example I have attached.I want to change the background colour from white to a different colour.

If you are running a PASeq that starts by erases to white, edit the erase to white to erase to the current source color (setting up the source color you want to erase to).

If you ran an effects that just paints on top of the existing canvas, then erase to source color before running it.

You can also after the fact select the white canvas, turn on masking, then erase to source color. the selected area that isn't masked will fill in with the erase, the non selected part of the canvas that is masked won't fill in with the erase.

Please how can I select only the contents of the canvas without the white background.

Here's a tip on selection and masking. You want to select the canvas. Global or Global Color would be a good option for the Growth.

You mouse down in the canvas in the white background area and then move the mouse slightly, then mouse up. Read the tip.

There's also an ip op effect (Selective Color Matte), which you can use to generate a selection mask based on the source color. And another one (Selective Color Map), which lets you map one color into another. So those are bot other approaches you could use to generating a selection mask, or for doing the mapping directly in an ip op effect.

Selective Color Map uses the first 2 source color memories for the color to replace (color memory 1) and the color to map to (color memory 2).


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