I'm using the SA 5.01 on OSX 10.13.6, using a Wacom4 anf the latest 2018 driver.

Playing back simple brush strokes is giving results that are not the same as were recorded.

Whats been happening, is that at some point in a record stroke, the brush will jitter at one or points, and draw a blob. It will eventually continue with the original stroke.

Has this behavior been observed before?


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Actually, from the images I posted, the replay only follows the path. It is not laying down the strokes that were recorded, even when not "jittering".

Here's some more information.

  1. The same thing happens with recoded mouse strokes and recorded Trackpad strokes.
  2. Each time I play back the same steps, I get a different result.

The brush stroke I am using is, Paint Synthesizer Classic, AutoPaint - WaterColor Splatter

If you are working with a paint stroke that doesn't have a lot of randomization in it, then the path and associated paint variations are going to play back accurately. As you start adding randomization and other things into the paint preset, they can affect what happens when the path is played back (giving you something similar, but different in fine details). So a pressure modulated tube of paint is going to playback very accurately. But something with a lot of randomization is going 

There's a lot going on in that particular paint preset you are working with. Autodraw Interactive pen mode, dual vector raster paint with a 2 path application repeat, uniform random path angle for the auto-drawing, conical spray path randomization, etc.

Keep in mind that with the autodraw interactive pen mode you are using, the 'path' that is recorded is the original movement of the pen or cursor, not the automatically drawn paths that are spun off of that user defined path. The auto-drawn parts are regenerated by paint synth autodrawing each time the action step is run. 

Gottcha. I'll look more more closely, and try to reduce the randomization.


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