What is the Paint Preset Mixer and how do you use it?

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It allows you to mix together 2 or 4 different paint presets. The 4 different sets of paint synthesizer editable parameters are stored in the 4 paint synthesizer path memories. They can be accessed via the four path memory buttons at the bottom of the paint synthesizer Editor panel ( labeled P1,P2,P3,P4 ), or via the edit : paint synthesizer : Patch Memory menu commands, or via the appropriate active links in the paint synthesizer evolution help path in the integrated help browser.

Mousing down in the side rails of the mixer lets you mix together 2 different patch memories. Mousing down in the rectangular center area of the Mixer lets you mix between the 4 path memories stored at the 4 corners of the mixer.

Each patch memory stores the complete set of editable parameters in the paint synthesizer.

If you mouse down in one of the patch memory buttons, you play back the stored parameters into the paint synthesizer editor. If you option click one of the patch memory buttons, you record the paint synthesizer editor settings into the option clicked patch memory.

I like it very to have the convenient mingle-function now more in front. I guess the choosen size of the mixer-window is insignificant for the results?

Are you saying you would like the command options in the paint evolution help page available in the  preset mixer? Or am i misinterpreting what you are saying?

I've thought on the different size-possibilities of the mixer-window in the interface and what manner effects it to my movements.

Increasing the size gives you more range extent for the mixing as you move the cursor. Whether that translates into something useful (or not) probably depends on what particular presets you are trying to mix.

The 'mixing' is actually generated by running the 'mingle' command. The amount of mingling determined by the A-B or A-B-C-D mix ratios.

We originally started out using morphing rather than mingling. The issue with straight preset morphing is that often times it generates parameter combinations that don't lead to anything visually useful. Mingle is a much better algorithm at creating visually useful parameter settings.

I guess we could make mingle vs morph a preferences setting if there was enough interest.

quick question,

when I use the help dialogue and press the 'record' for PM1 nothing happens, I don't see an arrow or little pointing hand..it does appear for everything else.

I am sure I am missing something very simple here.


I think it might be helpful to have names or thumbnails of the paint patch memories visible in the Paint Preset Mixer rather than just numbers.


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