Studio Artist is a fantastic piece of software ! I am using Studio Artist 5 "framework 4.5.1". However, "Favorites" no longer works. Gradually, some presets disappeared from "My Favorites". Then, a 2nd Favorite folder that I had created completely disappeared. Now, I cannot create additional Favorites folders or add presets to the existing one. Furthermore,even if I directly move a preset into the existing Favorites folder using Windows File Explorer, it is not seen on the preset menu for that folder. What gives? Win 10 has been updated by Microsoft multiple times. Is this a problem that only I am experiencing or is it a known issue on Win 10? I really need the Favorites feature because finding all the presets that I use each time is very laborious if they are not in a separate "Favorites" folder.  Please advise.

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There are no issues with the favorites preset folders we are aware of. 

The first thing to check would be to make sure you don't have 2 studio artist folders installed on your computer, and you are getting them mixed up for some reason. Second would be to check your hard disk with a disk utility to make sure there aren't any issues with the file indexing on the disk.

If you make changes to the favorites preset folders in the computers finder while studio artist is running, you might need to quit studio artist and restart to see the changes you made come up in the interface's preset browser. 

You can always use file : import to open presets. And drag and drop them from the finder to the studio artist icon. In addition to using the preset browser.

Here's 2 tips that discuss favorites and the organization of the preset fo....


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