Hi, we're creating stylized cinematic sequences for AAA games here at Blackbird Interactive and we just bought a few licences of Studio Artist 5 to use in our pipeline, however we have hit a major snag that has stopped us in our tracks: 

We need to load videos with an alpha channel into Studio Artist 5, run a PAS on each frame, and export each frame into an image with an alpha channel.

The closest I can get is to load up the video, and under Canvas / Alpha, turn on Paint Synth Alpha Enable,

then under Canvas / Alpha / Set to /, turn on Source Alpha,

then under Action / Process with Paint Action Sequence / Movie To Image, which does indeed begin rendering a sequence of images with an alpha. The problem is: each image only uses the alpha of the FIRST FRAME of the source video. In other words, the alpha channel in every image is exactly the same, even though the image is changing.

Does anyone know how to get around this? We like the look and capabilities of Studio Artist 5, surely there must be a way to do a pretty standard conversion like this.



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Here's a link to two tips on alpha channels, working with then and generating a movie with an embeded alpha channel in it.

If the source alpha channel isn't updating to match the current frame when processing a movie with a PASeq, that would be a weird bug. We'll do some testing. If there is a bug, we'll fix it right away. Are you on mac or windows?

If that was a problem (source alpha not updating past frame 1), you could add additional action steps in your PASeq to load the source alpha into the selection or canvas alpha channel, and choose that appropriate embedded alpha preference option to get around the problem. But it seems like an odd bug, since the source alpha is loaded for each movie frame. Unless the source movie doesn't have an embedded alpha channel. Again, we'll run  some tests and get back with the results here.

This observation may be related to the problem you are trying to solve.

You mentioned that you used the Canvas : Alpha : Set to : Source Alpha menu command. That is a one time action that happens when you run the menu command, not some kind of global setting. It sets the current canvas layer's alpha channel to the source alpha channel (at that moment). If you wanted to use it as a part of a movie processing script, so that it ran for each frame, you could record it as an action step in your PASeq.

Yep, that was the key; just had to add Set Source Alpha to the sequence for each frame.

Thanks so much for getting back to me!




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