Will there be a SA 6.0? I love 5/0, but look forward to any new additions.

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We're working on future development. But I'm not going to get into specifics right now.

If there are specific areas of Studio Artist you would like to see developed further, feel free to point them out. Understanding how people are using the program always helps us plan for the future.

Maybe have a reference palette.where we could place a painting by someone we admire and can reference to as we create our painting. So if I am painting and would like some of what I see in a Picasso or Sargent, it would be right there in front of me.

Can't you just open the image in a window in another image display program like preview and place that view in the appropriate place on your monitor?

If you want to select colors from it, you could load it into a second layer, and switch to that and use c hot key to click on appropriate areas for the color selection.

My mind amazes me. I guess I was just so use to using Painter by Corel, I didn't let my mind make some easy leaps in SA.


My Request #1:

Dear John, at first please read this:

"One feature of the JPEG file format is the concept of APP segments. These are regions of the JPEG file that can contain arbitrary information (as a sequence of bytes). Exif is actually stored in one of these segments, and is identified by a preamble.

Take a look at this page: http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/#JPEG

You'll see many segments there that start with APP such as APP0 (which can store JFIF data), APP1 (which can contain Exif) and so forth.

There's nothing stopping you storing data in one of these segments. Conformant JPEG readers will ignore this unrecognised data, but you could write software to store/retrieve data from within there."

SA has many features when I paint by those I may forget, it is fantastic If you can embed some information in jpg and when I open that SA can Read stored data and load my preset or PAS.
I know another application do this with success.

I love the idea of storing the image's recipe (i.e. SA settings) within the image itself. 

Request #2:

1-adding search box to top of all TAB for search only there.

2-Drag and Drop Any to Any

3-Save/Load to/From memory for editor options

If you have an element in a list selected, and you type in a letter or word, the list selection will move to the named entry you typed in. So it seems like the search in current list feature you want is already there.

What drag and drop features do you want that are currently missing? You can drag and drop an image from finder to source area. If you want to drag and drop current preset, start from the current preset icon.

If i understand your question about save/load to the editor memories, i believe session files do that as part of the all of the information they save and restore in the session file. Also, the whole point of favorites is to provide that feature using preset files. Studio Artist 1,2,3 all had a much larger set of preset memory buttons that included preview images. We added the favorites preset browser as a replacement for them. 

Request #3:
Better batch file Process for Saving even Svg and other formats

Request #6:
Save to vector PDF directly just like Svg/Eps

Request #7:
Script engine

Request #8:
Flower/Tree generator

Request #9:

Request #10:
We have triangulation please add quadrangles

Request #11:
An Low Poly Editor with using quad/triangle something like this

Request #12:
generate Cache File for mosaic in the same directory For very fast loading

Just to clarify #3. You can already batch process multiple images to eps or svg by using the appropriate action : process with PAseq : image to eps or svg menu commands.

Is this what you mean by 'batch', or do you want to run multiple PASeqs to process an image folder to eps or svg with one command?

I would enjoy seeing

1. a transparent background (canvas) option. More like painting on glass vs a white or black canvas, which would be a lot easier for modifications and layering different effects.(somewhat like photoshop).

2. The search function that when you do a search for something, say water drip, and you click on it, it shows the path to where that specific preset is located so it is easier to know where exactly it is located.

3. Ability to rescale big formats better-for instance-i would like to create an 600x600 px canvas, and then recreate that artwork exactly the same on a 12000x12000 pixel canvas. I work in large format so this has always been problematic for me.

Studio Artist has an onion skin feature, which i think is what you are asking for in #1. Command t is the menu key shortcut turns it on and off, or use the Canvas : Onion Skin : Toggle Onion Skin menu command.

If you hold your mouse cursor above the name of the current preset in the preset browser (top of the browser next to the current preset icon, you get the complete path name for where that preset is located. So i think you already have #2. Also, don't forget the 'Reset Browser to Current Preset Location context menu command, which you can use to move the preset browser to the collection and category of a preset found using search.


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