Will there be a SA 6.0? I love 5/0, but look forward to any new additions.

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I'd love some feedback on how people are using the new V5 Gallery Show features. We'd like to expand it and also make it more accessible.

I love the Gallery Show feature, but here are some ideas that would certainly improve it for me.

I often struggle to define which set of presets it will cycle through and where to start in that list. While I can often figure out the former, I haven't figured out how to get good control on the latter. I tend to use the "Cycle +" option, but if/when you stop and then relaunch the process, it'll start off from where it left off (appears to be storing an index value) instead of cycling from the currently selected preset. i.e./e.g. "cycle +1 from where we are in the Current Collection". I can imagine that for some, this is a feature, but for me this has been frustrating. For example, there are many times where I just want to cycle through all the Factory PASeq, but if/when SA crashes, I am stuck having to proceed by manually selecting and switching between the various Collection to avoid starting the whole process all over again. So I'd love to have the option (or as the default) to "start from the currently selected preset".

Also, I'd like the option to "stop when you get to the end of the current collection" of presets. As a gallery show, I understand the interest in continuing to cycle through the presets indefinitely, but when using this functionality to generate a bank of images, and not randomizing settings along the way, it doesn't make sense to run unnecessarily and to create duplicates that have to be identified and deleted.

On a different front, while there are a lot of options to randomize the outputs, it isn't possible to have more granular control which would facilitate use for fine tuning the output. It would be nice to be able to use it to cycle through the options/ranges for particular settings, i.e. keep everything the same, except show how the image changes if SA cycled through the available options of a given setting, or ran from one extreme of its range to the other. 

Similarly, although I suspect that this is less feasible from an architectural perspective, it would be interesting to be able to cycle though a range of source sizes for a given image. i.e. "try this preset, or collection of presets, on a range of source sizes".


Thanks for the feedback. Very different approach to using Gallery Show than i do, which is kind of the point of asking questions like this.

So it seems like you are using Gallery Show more to work through specific sets of presets. As opposed to trying to create generate processes that build up over several Gallery Show cycles.

Cycle + through parameter settings is a really interesting idea. I need to think that one through. I can totally understand why you would want something like that.

We had originally wanted to build the Evolution Editor to have that kind of control over all operation modes, as opposed to just MSG.

Off the top of my head, you could use keyframe animation in the PASeq timeline to do the parameter setting cycle + overview. So setup the appropriate keyframes, and then use Action : Animate to get to where you want to go for previewing different settings.


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Synthetik Software replied to ASARE CHRISTIAN's discussion REGION FILL AS BRUSH
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"Hi John, Please could you explain what the source parameter under the MSG brush load option does."
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