SA4 Worked fine for months on my PC Desktop (Windows 7), but I just tried to launch it again and I can't get it to start.  I restarted a couple of times and even tried to re-download the program.  It downloads, but never opens.  Any ideas on what to try next?  P.S. I LOVE this program!!!

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Submit a request on our helpdesk at

include your serial number if you know it, the version you are running, and any other information about what is happening, and our tech support team will help you get up and running again.

Thanks John for your quick reply! After uninstalling and reinstalling a bunch of things, I found out that it was Constant Guard, a security suite add on from Comcast, that was blocking it. It used to be ok with Constant Guard but not any more. So I uninstalled Constant Guard and it starts up just fine. :) Yay!!!!!!

I can understand why PC people are especially concerned about virus issues. But to be honest, the pc virus check programs are oftentimes worse than the problems they are supposed to be checking for. Many of those companies also have a business model similar to mob racketeering, where they try to extort money from software companies in exchange for them not shutting down their programs.

Thanks Again John! Not sure what Constant Guard was supposed to do. Comcast recommended installing it along with Norton a while ago. When this problem started, I got on a Comcast forum and saw a lot of people were having problems with Constant Guard. The tech guy recommended uninstalling it, I think they tried to extort from one too many companies. Well they're gone and you're back! WHooooo Hoooo!


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I'm new to SA and really having lot of fun drifting. I think SA is the best bit of digital painting kit out there and has so much potential! The Rotoscoping thing is amazing, but I'm only into static images and printing.I like the idea of developing styles, and think SA is prefect for this. There is so much, that it becomes a bit overwhelming, so I'm slowly trying to reduce the process and get to understand the Basic steps. I don't want to just keep producing one of images that are more guess…See More
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