Hi, I got a preset from Bernard a while back which uses the vectors and cast shadows.

I like the look of the images when they are 900 x 600 for example. When I record a history seq and try scaling the image up I cannot retain the look of the smaller image...much more detail is added and I lose the the broad simple look. is there a way of scaling up these vector images and still keep the look of the smaller ones, or will they always behave like this when they are enlarged?..thanks, Mark

preset enclosed

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What you should do instead of scaling up the history sequence is to output it as a svg vector file. That way you will have generated a resolution independent version of the existing effect.

You can then import it to a new resized larger canvas using the File : Import : Open SVG as New Canvas.

Here's a tip on generating svg vector files.

Thanks, I tried that...but the shadow effects are lost in the process?

when I read the 'tip' - "This support of vector transparency allows for the creation of much more elaborate vector imagery. By creating a PASeq that builds up an image using multiple applications of semi-transparent vector paint strokes" I imagine that the shadowy effects can somehow be retained?

i've attached what I am trying to retain


I looked at your paint preset. If you look at it closely, you will see that it's using a hybrid raster-vector repeat main render option (vector control panel). So yes, the raster part of that isn't going to output via svg, since it's not a vector drawing process. SVG ouput is only going to be associated with vector drawing.

If you change the main render option to vector solid color, you do have black cast shadows turned on in the vector preset. That is outputting as svg in my test here. There are a lot of controls in that Vector Output control panel associated with the cast shadow part of the vector drawing you can use to dial in the effect you want.

Note that you have color modulation setup that is modulated by the path application repeat. So the first of the 2 repeats is painting black with your existing paint preset.

That's great John, I see it now


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