I am a VERY newcomer to Studio Artist working my way through the maze of options!

I am curious to know why my image becomes an odd squished (top to bottom) size when it hits the canvas and if anyone can tell me if there is a way to control this.   It distorts the image making any people or object SHORT and FAT!



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When you erase the canvas to the source image, the source image loaded into the canvas gets automatically sized to whatever you have the canvas set to. Same thing for any effects you run on the source image, if they are processing the source image, then the output will map to whatever size and aspect ratio the current canvas is set to.

So if you loaded a horizontal aspect source image, but you had a vertical aspect canvas, then the aspect ratio of the source image would be changed as it gets mapped into the entire canvas.

If you use the File : New Source and Canvas menu command when you load a new source image, then that menu command also brings up a sizing dialog that lets you set the size and aspect ratio of the working canvas. So you can set that up with the same aspect ratio as the source image you just selected if that is what you are looking to use while working with that source image.

If you have added the source to the canvas without resizing the canvas to match the source ratio you can do this afterward by using the Canvas::Resize Canvas command.

Thank you!  Very easy.   I'm sure these issues are in the manual but not easy to find.

Moving along now...


Another issue:  I just printed an image using "Adaptive filter9"  The background is black, no pixels showing up.   Wherever there was solid black on the screen(CANVAS moved to PScc) image there is now a splotchy green.  The other areas are exactly as they are on the screen... just the black didn't like being printed.   A simple solution for this one too?

Thanks again,


There are settings in different versions of photoshop associated with color management. With some of those color management settings, photoshop will try and auto-convert the color of an image you open in photoshop that is not specifically tagged with color profile information.

You should turn that behavior off in photoshop. You don't want photoshop to do anything to modify the pixel colors of a image you are loading into photoshop that you generated in Studio Artist. As you can see, when it does that, it changes the color of the pixels in the image you are opening in potentially bad ways.

It sounds like this is what is going on. 

Studio Artist does not explicitly tag its output images with any sort of color profile information. When you are generating an image in Studio Artist you are generating it in the RGB color space of your specific computer monitor.

So busy I haven't followed this thread carefully, but an issue we've encountered with students printing their own images from Photoshop was to see similar problems with multi-layers images. The solution was to flatten the image before printing (we had the same problem when printing from Painter) and printing then worked fine.

We almost never printed from SA (if only because Photoshop's "Print with Preview" was for us very handy) and ".tif" was the preferred file type for printing.

Thank you, Very helpful information. Will give it a go when I get my printer (Epson r3000) and my computer (MacBook Pro) to start talking to each other again!!! Not am SA issue.


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