Is it possible to create a slit scan camera technique through SA as a real time movie or through a sequence?  If so how?  The movie can be either real time or an imported movie.  Perhaps there is a way to create a 3d map of the motion in SA and use the map as the basis for adjustment.

Thanks for any thoughts. 


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have you played around with the Temporal Im Ops yet? I believe these are the closest you are going to get to slit scan in SA. I really can't be of much more help than that as the settings for these operations are pretty specific to the source and the desired result.

There are all kinds of different ways to generate slit scan effects in Studio Artist.

You can use temporal image operation effects like the temporal scan tracker, temporal slit scan complete, or the temporal axis rotate complete. You can also use MSG to build slit scan effects (3CSlitScan processor). Or you could use the paint synthesizer and PASeq keyframing to build slit scan effects.

Here's an overview article on temporal image operation effects that discusses different kinds of slit scan effects.

Here's a more detailed tip on working with temporal ip op effects.

Here's a link to a series of Studio Artist effects blog articles on working with slit scan effects. These articles include processing movie files to generate various slit scan effects as well as building live slit scan effects using Studio Artist's video capture functionality in conjunction with the 3CSlitScan MSG processor.


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