Hi all,

I have a technical question.
We are using studioArtist 5 in the production process of an animated series. 

We established a paint action sequence setting that we need to apply to all the shots.

but i ran into an issue:

if i choose Action>paint action sequence> image to image
SA5 will render my PNG sequrnce into tiff sequence with no problem (most of the time)


if i choose Action>paint action sequence>Movie to Movie...or Movie to Image

after i point towards the subsequent folders, as prompted by the software... nothing happens.

i would prefer if it was possible to use a quicktime movie as a source this would save me some production steps which can add up to quite a lot of work.

I am running CentOS Linux 7.5

so is it possible for me to render movies instead of sequences?
any help is much apreciated!

Greetings Peter

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Studio Artist 5 uses quicktime for movie file read/write support. So on the mac quicktime is just a part of the operating system. On windows, you need to install quicktime for windows. If it's not installed, then you lose movie file support.

I'm fascinated you are able to run Studio Artist on linux. Are you using the mac or windows build? And what do you use to provide the computer specific apis we use in either of those 2 builds? Or are you running in some kind of emulator?

Hey thanks for your reply,
yes i just talked to one of our technicians and indeed that is the issue.

We are running the windows version through Wine and the quicktime is missing in that...
so that was my answer...


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