Hello everyone,

I'm back with SA 5.0...with so many question also :)
I just tried to make a mosaic with Basic Image Tile Preset. But when I tried to touch up the setting, nothing happen, Except when I change the source of folder image. 
And when I see the result, the tile become rectangle; not square. How can I change it ?

(You can see on my attached picture)

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And this is happen when I use the landscape picture format (the rectangle square, turn to landscape)

Yes, it's working exactly like you would expect a region fill as brush pen mode preset that is using path start regionization to work.

The new V5 get info option for paint presets is a good way to quickly understand how i paint preset is programmed.

So it tells you right away that Path Start Regionization is on. And that the Pen Mode is Region Fill as Brush.

For more detail, you can check out all of the individual Editor control panels for the preset.

For more details, 

There are a bunch of 'basic tile' named paint presets in V5. If you are using 'Basic Image Folder Tiling', note that it is a region fill as brush pen mode preset that is using the Rect Tile HV Split Regionize Generator option in the Path Start control panel. And a Path Start Regionize option for the Path Type in the Path Shape control panel. So, a typical path start regionization preset.

So, because of above, the individual images in the folder are mapped to the tiling positions and shapes created by the path start regionize generator. This has always been the case with path start regionize paint presets, V5 just has many, many more Generator options for regionizing than V4 did.

I think your conceptual problem is that because you saw the word 'tiling' in the preset name, you assumed it was going to work like a tiling paint preset that lays down tiles based on the shape of the Brush Source. But that is not the case when working with any region fill as brush pen mode preset. Region fill as brush pen mode means that the Brush Source is a temporary region created on the fly for each individual paint nib based on the path shape, not the normal paint process where a series of brush nibs is laid down one by one along the paint path.

Here's a tip that explains about path start regionization, in case you are confused.

So, what should I change to get a box tile? 

Can I start things without going through a preset?

Since I used Studio Artist I did choose one preset and make a change.
Because I do not know where to start if I have to create my own preset, without using the existing

Your a V4 user, right? So just load one of your V4 paint presets that do a basic grid tile that uses a 1 pixel path length and a normal pen mode that lays down a single brush nib. If that's what you want to do. All of your old V4 presets run in V5, same for older ones as well.

You can always start from scratch if you want to without using a paint preset. Drop into the Editor, shift press the init button at the bottom to reinitialize all of the control panels, then start editing. You don't have to re-initialize everything, but it's usually easier if you want to start from scratch.

version 5. Can you show me with pictures?

Here's a simple preset attached below from V3.5 and V4 that tiles using a movie brush. You can edit it to use an image folder brush if you want to. If you do that, you want all of the images in the folder to be the same size in pixels for the tiling to work properly.

Here's an entry point into a million articles on tiling photo mosaics.

Here's a specific article that discusses editing the paint synthesizer for t....


I still don't understand. No youtube video ?

There are lots of tutorial videos that discuss various aspects of how to work with studio artist.

I'm a little bit confused, because i checked my email records and  you were previously discussing working with tiling presets in V4 with me via email. As i said above, you can take any of your old V4 presets and import them into V5. Either load individual presets using the appropriate file : import menu command, or you can bring all of the old V4 collections over to your V5 preset folder, or you can make some custom favorites folders that contain useful v4 presets you want to use in V5. This was discussed here on the forum in a previous forum post, so if you search for that post, it explains what to do, and points at various blog articles.

The way you edit presets in V5 is the same as V4. You just switch over to the Editor panel, and then edit any of the adjustable parameters in the editor for the particular preset effect you are editing.

V5 comes up with paint action sequence presets at startup, as opposed to paint presets like V4. So maybe that is throwing you? You can change that if you wish, main preferences dialog. PASeq presets are sequential lists of individual studio artist effects that work together to build a more sophisticated final visual effect then you could get with a single op mode effect. If you play one of the individual action steps in the PASeq back, you can edit it, and then over write the old action step with your edited change.

The specific article link i pointed you at above is full of Editor screen shots for the paint synthesizer explaining how a tiling preset using the grid tiling path start generator is put together.

If you want to ask some specific questions here, i'm happy to answer them. I point people at blog articles because i lot of thought was used to put them together, and they are available as references to help answer questions. If you don't understand some aspect of what they are trying to explain, again asking a specific questions about it is best, because i'm happy to provide more details or point you at another article that does provide those details.

I'm okay with ver 4. And now I want to use ver 5 as easy as ver 4. But
yesterday when i tried import graffiti-3 to ver 5 then  i change the setting; changer folder image...the setting change to ver 5. It's always happen again and again.

I'm indonesian with english not so good, that's why video tutorial become more easier to understand than too much text description. I'm sorry ..

Here's a previous forum discussion on moving V4 preset to V5.

Here's a link that points you at 2 tip posts, both having to do with Presets. One explains the folder organization of the main Preset folder. Once you understand that, it's very straightforward to move your old V4 collection folders over to the appropriate places in the V5 preset folder.

The second discusses making custom favorites preset categories. If you only want to bring a few presets from V4 to V5, this would be the easiest way to do it.

I'm not sure i understand what you mean by the 'setting' changing to ver5? If you edit an old preset and then try to save it, it will be a V5 preset at that point. But that's not a problem. You should explain better if i'm not understanding what you are saying.

You should be able to use google translate to translate any of our blog posts on synthetik.com if you want to read them in another language.

"I'm not sure i understand what you mean by the 'setting' changing to ver5?",   it's a simple example that you couldn't understand even we use the same language (english).

But if i or you show with video...i'm sure everybody will understand. Because we will see step by step, what we should to do.


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