Hi, I'm just starting to learn Studio Artist software.

The images I generated in the Vectorizer module have very rough edges.I want the edges to be straight. How do I adjust them? 

I tried to adjust all the parameter Settings of the Vectorizer module, but it seems that none of them can be implemented.

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SO, here's a vectorizer output example with no black cracks.

I used the Watershed option for the Generator to approximate what you appear to be doing in your example. I started with initialized default conditions (shift click the Init button at the bottom of the vectorizer Editor to initialize all of the control panels). I then changed the Generator to Watershed, and bumped up the # Random Start a little bit to generate smaller regions. I added some color modulation in the drawing control panel to bring out the boundaries between regions a little bit visually for the purpose of this example post.

So you notice there are no cracks. If i use something like a Poly Simplify2 option for the Region Effect (Drawing control panel), then i get straight edged polygons for the regions, but notice the big cracks where the background shows through.

So, if you modify the shapes of the individual regions with a shape modifying effect, they probably will no longer completely cover the canvas. So whatever background Fill option you selected is going to show through.

Now, you can apply the shape effects before the regions are vectorized, as opposed to afterwards. You can do this by using the RGA Effect in the Generation control panel as opposed to the Region Effect in the Drawing control panel. Note both popups have the same effects in them. But the RGA Effect happens internal to the region generation process, as opposed to after the regions have been vectorized. 

Note that you don't get background fill showing through if you use the RGA Effect in the generation control panel. The places that would be cracks if you did the effect in the Drawing control panel are just additional regions that get vectorized and then colored in.

You could also switch the Main Technique from Image to Image Triangle if you want straight edges triangles.

You should spend some time playing around with the different controls to get a sense of what they do, and how they change the appearance of the vectorized output. 

You can use the EPS Region Type control in the Drawing control panel to generate the region path with LineTo commands as opposed to Bezier curves if you are bothered by any slight waver in straight boundaries introduced by the bezier conversion process.

If there is a specific kind of regionization effect you don't think you can dial in, and you have an example of it, feel free to point it out. We can then discuss how to generate it, or we can use it as feedback for future feature additions.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask and i can try to answer them, or point you at online articles that discuss it.


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