What is the latest version of Studio Artist?

For both Mac and Windows.


Joel Nisson

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Studio Artist 5.01 is the latest version. Same on mac and windows.

I should have asked what the latest framework was.

I have version 5, framework 4.8.6 (Mac) and framework 4.5.1 (Windows). Are those the latest releases?

The framework is just something that provides info for us about what qt framework is running. It's possible for people to install qt libraries on their computer that could potentially override what we provide, so we show that in case we need it to debug anything.

On mac, the application file name will have 5.01 in it. On windows, that will not be the case since we don't want a second start menu item to be installed.

Unless you bought right when we released V5 and never updated, you have 5.01. The installers in everyone's myaccount at synthetik.com is a 5.01 installer and has been for a very long time.

Most people would not notice the difference between V5 and V5.01. 

I understand. Thanks.

Will there be a Studio Artist 6, 64 Bite any time soon?

We're working on future proofing the Studio Artist code base. More information on that later in the year.

Studio Artist 5 has a 64 bit build on mac. So that runs today on osx 10.15 Catalina. It's missing any quicktime api features. So movie file io and video capture features are missing in the 64 bit application at this time. 

Any chance of Studio Artist 5, 64 Bite for windows 10.

To be honest, there is very little love for apple here these days from the standpoint of being developers for their mac platform. So yes, we do want to include windows in our future plans. In many ways it seems to be a more viable platform for content developers since Microsoft doesn't go out of their way to shut down existing software applications that people may own. Unlike apple, who does go out of their way to shut down existing working software for essentially marketing reasons.

Apple does love to force their developers to bend over and continuously rewrite their applications on a continuous basis at a whim. They also think nothing of giving developers a path to follow and then later deciding to bail on what they told people to support.

And as they become more of a credit card company and less of a computer company, they are going to care less and less about us. And i'm speaking as a super hard core long time mac user and apple developer. Apple could care less about serious content developers on their platform these days. Occasionally the griping gets so loud in the press they try to deflect it. But all they really care about these days is getting you to setup as many reoccurring credit card charges in their system as possible. The computers and phones are just credit card dongles to them at this point. just look at how fucked up the mac finder has gotten over the last few years. 

Apple could have easily built a compatibility mode into Catalina so that anyone who wanted to could opt in to still run their old software on the new system. I can think of 2 or 3 different ways to do it in the time i type this sentence. But they don't care if you can run your existing software of not. In fact, they have a financial incentive to force you to buy new software every osx release if they can pull that off. They don't care if you have projects from 10 years ago you want to open up and work on, or grab pieces or source material from.

They care so little about computer artists that they are killing off opengl software on their platform.

They care so little about musicians that they ship their new computers with security chips in them that screw up audio io hardware. Or introduce weird timings lags in audio drivers.

I could continue, but i think you get the picture.

So yes, we are interested in windows development because of all of that. For whatever weird issues there may be on windows computers, or wonkyness with the interface, at least they seem to care about their long time existing customers and developers more. Hopefully that won't change as Microsoft becomes more and more of a cloud computing company.


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