where can I find Studio Artist 5 windows 64 Bit?

I checked Studio Artist 5 but in Task Manager shows StudioArtist*32

this SA can not generate 300 DPI with dimension larger than 20x20 Cm in my (Core-i5 win7 64bit 8G Ram) system,
Maybe there is a 64 bit version that I don't know where it is!

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Studio Artist 5 ships on the mac with the normal 32 bit version as well as a 64 bit build. The 32 bit build is full featured, the 64 bit build lacks support for anything quicktime related, since the quicktime sdk is 32 bit only. We provided the 64 bit mac application for people who were interested in working with larger canvas sizes and weren't interested in working with movie files or other quicktime associated features.

Studio Artist 5 ships on windows with the the normal 32 bit build only. No 64 bit windows application is available at this time. Providing a 64 bit build on windows is something we are interested in, and are currently looking into.

Compounding the issue for windows users is the difference between how windows vs the mac allocates virtual memory for 32 bit applications. The mac offers essentially the full 4gb of virtual memory access available for a 32 bit application. Unfortunately, it appears that windows severely limits the amount of accessible virtual memory for 32 bit applications well below that theoretical limit of 4gb. This limits the available memory available for 32 bit applications on windows well below what can be achieved on the mac.


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