Bernard was kind enough to put together this excel spreadsheet with information about all of the mSG processors in Studio Artist V4.

It breaks them down by their IO routing.

And perhaps he can comment some more.

I don't have Microsoft Office Excel on my computer right now, so i can't look at it directly. But he asked me to pass it on for people to download, and it is currently being discussed and examples of it shown in this image post.

Let me know if i need to zip compress it, i just tried attaching it first below.

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We've though about it quite a bit actually. 

It's something you might expect in the future from us.

Whether it will be a specific MSG processor that allows you to do it, or a completely different op mode of the program is still begin worked through. And we might in fact offer both options.

So then if you are just dying to create your own customized iteration mapping fractal from some specialized math formula, you could just define it.

We try to hide all of that kind of stuff from our users, because to be honest if they can't edit a MSG preset, they probably aren't going to be able to understand this additional level of technical complexity.

But perhaps i'm wrong. There are a lot of fractal programs available and stuff published on the web you could just grab the equations from without really having a clue what they were doing and maybe then use them directly in Studio Artist.

What is:

In Tex

Tmp Img


In Orient

Where to go next:

R Out

G Out

B Out

what is the inner logic MSG`s? Diagrams, scheme?


Thanks a lot!

you'll find answers here in the studio artist folder:

OK, but what is

Tmp Img

Temporary Image ? John ?

Tmp Image is a temporary image buffer. You can have as many of them as you want in a MSG preset. There is really no difference between Tmp Img1 and something like Tmp RImg1. They are both just 1 channel temporary image buffers. They are created when the MSG preset starts running, and they are destroyed when it finishes running.

We have the Tmp RImg, Tmp GImg, and Tmp BImg image stream options there because it makes them easy with convenient built in naming to use if you have a MSG preset you are designing where you need to setup temporary storage for a full color image as a part of the design of the effect the preset will be generating..

Thanks very much Bernard!!

Here's the old MSG Evolver Guide pdf. From Studio Artist 3.5. When we had a completely separate application dedicated to MSG editing called MSG Evolver. There is a lot of explanation in this MSG Evolver User Guide about what is going on under the hood of MSG.

You can thank Apple Computer for their great love of their customers and their great love of maintaining backwards compatibility with old programs that used to run on their platform. Of wait, maybe i got that backwards. Because they are directly responsible for preventing you from being able to running MSG Evolver on any modern Apple Computer. Because technically, there is no reason why rosetta emulation could not continue to run on all modern Apple computers with the latest versions of osx. They just decided to shut it down as a marketing ploy to force people to be unable to use old apple software.

As a small company, we had to make a decision with Studio Artist V4, and we really didn't have the resources to continue the development of 2 separate programs that had to be rewritten from scratch, since Apple went out of their way to force us to rewrite them from scratch. So that's why all the MSG editing is inside of Studio Artist now. You can probably sense my frustration, because i would love to be able to continue to run MSG Evolver, and to continue the development of it's original code base. Let alone people who have old data from other old programs they might need to be able to access, but cannot unless they keep some really old computer around (with a really old os version running on it) to run the software. Something Craig actually does do, because some old drawing programs he loves to use will only run if he does that.

So there's my little rant, and i hope you find the information in the MSg Evolver Users Guide that deals with the inner workings of MSG useful. It explains things like Tmp Img streams and why they are there.


thanks a lot!!!




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