I've been working through the MSG tutorials. Really enjoying this aspect of Studio Artist, but I haven't been able to figure out how to edit an msg preset that I saved.

After clicking through the evol editor until I develop a preset that I like. I export the msg preset, then import it expecting to be able to do further editing. but it just loads into the canvas. How to I load it into the evol editor or advanced msg editor? Is there a different way to save an msg preset?

David Kater

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Whatever is the current MSG preset is what is loaded into the MSG Advanced Editor (for advanced editing). So if you import a MSG preset , that then shows up in the MSG Advanced Editor. Or, if you click on a evolution editor preview cell, the MSG preset associated with that preview cell loads into the MSG advanced editor in addition to being rendered in the main canvas.


Here's a tip on Evolving and Editing MSG Presets.

Well, it is working perfectly now. Not sure why it was loading just to the canvas before. 

Thanks for the tip. One thing I notice, is that my msg adv editor does not have memory buttons as shown in the tip. I pasted a screen shot of my editor in this reply. I'm using version 4.04

just go to the studioartist preferences window and set the MSG Editor Memories to on:

Max - you are a genius. It's funny, because I used the preferences so change evolve to 4x4, but totally overlooked the MSG Editor Memories.




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