A full list of all of the MSG processors included with V5 of Studio Artist (644 in all) can be found in the 'Src' tab of the MSG Advanced Editor.  In order to find which ones are new with V5, I compared that list with the V4 list (568 processors) in its MSG editor, and extracted the names of the 76 new ones--see the attached list plus the brief sample below:  

1C Abstract2A

1C Abstract7Mod

1C Delaunay6

1C DiamondFigure

1C DiamondFigureTile

1C Grid Mod

1C NineBlock

1C NineBlock1

1C NineBlockTile


As far as I know, the current V5 release doesn't include any MSG presets that use any of these V5 processors.  (There are 9 new V5 MSG presets out of the over 10,600 total, but they just use V4 processors).

 So, John, when you created these new V5 processors, presumably you tested them with some basic presets you made that included them?  If so, it would be very helpful if you could post these, or at least some of the more interesting ones, so that we can try out more of the new processors for ourselves.  (And thanks again for the few that you have recently explained in detail, in this forum along with links to others).

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Here is the list mentioned in the post:Studio%20Artist%20V5%20MSG%20Processors.doc

My SA Preset sub folders have a very different configuration then the V5 release sub folders. And that includes lots of V5 specific categories in the MSG part. I also have things much more upfront in organized collections as opposed to having it all dumped in a single MSG Database collection.

The release V5 Preset folder was not put together by me and does not really reflect my sensibilities. I'll dig through the V5 stuff in my collections and post some here.

Thanks, John, much appreciated!

Also, is there any chance that your improved V5 preset configurations could be included in a V5 update release?  (I recall receiving ver 4.06 of ver. 4 when I first joined, so there were updates then).


I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the new MSG V5 Processor presets you mentioned.  To save you having to sort through them, how about simply zipping up and posting a bunch of them?  Then we can experiment ourselves--thanks!

Ok, here are 3 collection folders of V5 specific MSG presets for Studio Artist 5. I had them all in one collection, but file size limits for attachments here forced me to split them into 3 different collection folders.

Again, these are collection folders. So, they contain a series of individual category folders, which contain the individual MSG preset files. You can drop these collection folders into your Preset/MSG folder.


WOW!  Thanks John, this is probably as near as I will ever come to the feeling of suddenly discovering an enormous hoard of buried treasure.  There are over 1000 new V5 MSG presets here to check out.

Perhaps the MSG system gets less attention than other areas of SA because of the sheer number of its presets?  (Over 11,700 now).  Well, as part of my own investigations of MSG, I'm preparing a comprehensive set of sample outputs for these presets, so that anyone will be able to easily select any that they might be interested in--I'll post them in the SA Preset Samples Group when ready. 

But why are these needed at all?  The problem with SA's own neatly nested organization of the MSG presets is that, if you want to find out what's available, it takes forever to open every one of the nested hundreds of category folders in the MSG database.  Then you have to squint, to sort-of see the tiny thumbnail samples for the presets within each folder.    

The advantage of preparing larger output samples for each is that all of them can then be quickly viewed together in Lightroom, Bridge, or some other standard image viewer.  So the presets immediately become much more accessible for quick reviews of their outputs.  You don't have to care about MSG processors, or what they do, once you can see--in detail--the kind of result you would get from any preset.   (Other samples for the rest of the SA V5 presets will also be posted soon).

To be honest, there is probably more buried treasure inside of Studio Artist waiting to be discovered then even we here at Synthetik know about.

Just a reminder, you can change the preference settings for the MSG Preview and Evolution Editor previews to adjust the size of those displayed previews. So yes, the preset icon is small in the preset browser, but the MSG previews in the Evolution editor are adjustable. And you can scan through the contents of the factory MSG presets by using the Evolution Editor. Here are the hot key options for working with the + button in the toolbar at the top of the Evolution Editor.

So pressing the + button randomly indexes through preset.

Option clicking the + will move sequentially backwards through presets,

Shift clicking the + moves sequentially forward though the presets.

Thanks for this useful reminder, in your role as chief SA treasure-keeper!

 So potentially we will have two effective and complementary ways for checking out MSG presets.  First, there are the standard MSG Evolution features you describe, which support fast local scanning of adjacent MSG presets with decent-size samples.  Then second, global or synoptic sample views of all MSG presets will become available, so that a user could easily choose either a single preset, or an adjacent set of presets that the Evolution window can display--the best of both worlds.

 The second, SA Preset Samples method is even more advantageous for non-MSG presets, which don't have any kind of Evolution window support.  Eg there around 7,000 V5 Paint Synthesizer presets alone, so checking all of them within SA is just as unworkable as it is for MSG presets.  (As evidence of this, in case anyone's interested, it's taken me over a year to make the full 12,000-or-so set of all non-MSG V5 preset samples, which I'll be posting soon..:-)


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