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Comment by Bernard Bunner on May 26, 2020 at 9:52am

Very interesting John, V6 made ? Mosaic with fonts ?

Comment by Synthetik Software on May 26, 2020 at 7:34pm

As much as i love to plug V6, i think you could do all of it in V5. I don't have Catalina on the machine i generated this on, so it's all V5.

What i am doing manually is something i am currently adding into V5.5 (and hence V6) as a new Gallery Show feature.  Which is the ability to add inline EFX to movie frame input to temporal ip op effects being used in Gallery Show. Or any GS source input for that matter.

So i'm doing Stack Filtering.  I'm working with Temporal Ip Op effects.  Effects that use multiple input frames from different times in the movie. Specifically, from different offset movie times relative to the frame they are processing.

Except Gallery Show lets you use a folder of images as 'input' to Temporal Ip Op effects instead of a source movie file. Using the current Gallery Show Source folder.  And the appropriate Gallery Show Source setting.

So 'stack' refers the using a stack of images instead of a series of movie frames as input to the temporal ip op effects.

All of the images in the folder are curated from recent news events surrounding the worldwide viral pandemic.

I used Studio Artist to process the entire image folder with a Color Simplify Ip Op effect. One that flattened the colors, and also used vector shape modification effects to abstract the appearance of the generated flat color quantized shapes.

I then used that processed image folder as my source folder for gallery show processing.

There might be some fonts in there maybe from some cable tv news show imagery. But a lot of the structure might be because of the specific temporal processing algorithm i was using.  That and due to the artifacts created by the shape abstraction associated with the Color Simplify processing, which used the Straighten Extreme setting i believe.


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