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I am excited to share an article written about my current exhibition at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles. The works are entirely created with Studio Artist with some help from Photoshop. 

For anyone in the Los Angeles area, I am doing an artist walkthrough on Saturday, June 29 at 1 PM.

The gallery address is 5458 Wilshire Boulevard, near LACMA.…


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Terrestrial Sonata 1 - First in Series of Ambient Video Series, 2013

I've been working on a certain technique with MSG evolution in Studio Artist using directed evolution, which is both fascinating and somewhat addictive. I then frequently take these frames into paint for touch up. I've finally collected vast numbers of frames and enough for quite a few videos, so the ambient video project is well under way. The videos will be submitted for…


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Experimentation with textured or raised paint appearances in paint synthesizer and msg

In the last few days people have been sharing a wealth of existing forum topics, tutorials and shared presets concerning the general discussion of the artist trying to achieve a raised, impasto, watercolor or other surface, textural quality to digital paint brushes, msg parameters, or canvas operations in Studio Artist. Of course I've barely begun to scratch…


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New user

Just purchased SA 4 and starting to feel my way around, quick question, is there a way of deleting the last action made?

Most likely a simple thing but appreciate any comments


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Abstraction as a Process

Thought this series of sketches by Picasso was a good example of abstraction as a process.

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When is an artist born ?

 When is an artist born ??

I think there is two sorts of artist, one who is born out of years of training and one that was born like that. What is the diffrence....its the touch I belive. We all want to create nice paintings, and that is for me the most importance, and what other thinks is not that important.

I paint because I love it, and the I feel happy :-).…


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Mail from the fare North, the land of the Polarbear

Hi from Norway!

My name is Roy Lindquist ( 61 ) and are living in Norway in a small island caled Sula, at the west coast of Norway! The Northern Sea and as fare west as one can come in our country. I have just started to learn the use of this amazing Studio Artist software, and I will share with you all my work when I find there is something to be presented for "the big and talented audience". I am so thankful and happy to join the "club" and be a part of this fantastic and joyful…


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Studio Artist 4 on a macbook pro (2011)

I just got my new Macbook Pro last week and I'm so excited!  The way that I work with Studio Artist 4 has been dramatically enhanced and I'm enthralled.  Floating palettes make sense now!  I had to decide between the 27" iMac and the Macbook Pro and ultimately went with the MBP because it allowed me to work away from my desk.  


With an external monitor I can actually see and think about things that I literally couldn't see on my old 13" macbook.  I also was able to snag…


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Being Hip



In the Universe there is more space than anything else. Life is in the space of things. Between the lines, amongst the particals of celebrity. Being a star is such a small thing compared to how much space there is in this wonderful Universe of ours. The artist are the real…

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The Life and Work of Calvin Black at

National Preserve of Documentary Films about American Roots Cultures

Possum Trot: The Life and Work of Calvin Black, 1903-1972

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Al Jarnow Documentary

May I recommend a highly enjoyable documentary on the film/ animation work of the artist Al Jarnow . Many of you will recognize Al's wonderful work for children from Sesame Street

Please follow the link below the video to enjoy the full size version on Vimeo.

Asymmetric Cycles: The Work Of Al Jarnow from numerogroup on…


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Michael Wright aka Mrags Writer is Debuting his internet work “Looking In, Looking Out” at

 February  2011

Michael Wright
aka Mrags Writer is Debuting his internet work “Looking In, Looking Out” at

“Looking In, Looking Out”…

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Rotoscoping with multiple layers

I employ several learning styles, but my favorite is experience. So I typically "fearlessly" bang my empty head on trying things until something begins to make sense. Today I explored PASeq's with multiple layers, learned about exporting Presets, about the PASeq Default panel, and explored how to get a multi-layered effect when batch-processing images. I am grateful to John Dalton and to liveart, for standing with me in my crash-bang learning process today.  :-)

Here is an…


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Factory Presets

I spent about a day going through almost every SA factory preset (while I read the manual), saving out many individual images as I tried each preset, all based on the same source image. I made a simple video of the 145 images which came from this exploration, to demonstrate the variety of some of SA's stock presets.

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Vogue Magazine Stack Filtering Experiment

Someone posted an image online that was an average of all of the Vogue magazine cover images for a year. So it's a simple example of the stack filtering ideas we've been discussing recently. This wasn't done using Studio Artist, but i thought people might find it interesting.…


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Thor Johnson - New Works - Live Audiovisual Performances - Haley-Henman Gallery, July 10, 2010

Thor Johnson - New Works - Live Audiovisual Performances - Haley-Henman Gallery, July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 8 - 10 pm.

Haley-Henman Gallery

2335 Hardwick Street

Dallas, Texas 75208

Haley-Henman Gallery presents a rare event of live solo performances of new interactive audiovisual works by Thor Johnson aka Thorrific. …


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High Level Rotoscoping

Though I am not involved with rotoscoping those of you who are may find this interesting.See More
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Automatic preset generation and high level editing

There are already a ton of different automatic preset generation features in Studio Artist. They include:1: Preset memories that record and playback all of the editable settings associated with a preset. And for the paint synth, preset memories that just record and playback editable settings associated with specific high level attributes of the preset, like path generation only, or brush settings only.2: Morph and Mingle commands that work off of 2 or more preset memories.3: Randomize…See More
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