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At 11:01am on May 4, 2007, charles scharf said…
i like your stuff and love your colors
At 12:27pm on May 7, 2007, a73x15 said…
love the -wild & happy- colors too
(the faces) have some how a somber expression
to me this creates a intriguing contrast... like clowns in a dull-any-day's circus
At 8:33am on May 26, 2007, a73x15 said…
ahhhhh... the beautiful faces
At 9:35am on May 27, 2007, Rondan said…
Thanks for the info Donna. I am reviewing the SA videos to get a better understanding of the video possibilitiess. Do you happen to know if there is good published video making tutorial, in addition to the provided SA tutorials?

At 9:38am on May 27, 2007, a73x15 said…
hi donna, i left you the following comment
(as a redponse to yours @ migartor-bc-yowas-me32)
somewhere else here a copy/paste of it

actually stairs at york university in toronto
i love the zebra part the scary one worries me a bit!
i just can't help but to be be mesmerized by the fact that we cannot scape to see ourselves in the light that most objectively has travelled from so far a distance to be trap @ this web so to protect and keep us from the rest of the electromagnetic self-love that so rampantly roamed the cyberspace in the coolness of this modern cybertime bizarre and a little freaky -indeed- it seems my work to be
thanks donna 4 your comments!
At 5:27pm on May 27, 2007, a73x15 said…
they are the steps of the stairs (a series or flight of steps) to a better education
in the way back they land nicely at ground level where they meet the rest of us who were taken pictures of buildings and of human-powered self-lifting devices...
so yes! indeed they are
At 9:41am on June 4, 2007, Rondan said…

I have been enjoying your videos and their many effects, along with your selections of music.

At 3:33pm on July 11, 2007, Michael Theodore said…
Hi Donna,
Yeah, I like living in Boulder. I grew up in New York City, so it's pretty different, but I love the mountains, and I love the wide open spaces of the west.

At 7:46pm on October 19, 2007, Milton Tucker said…
Took a little while but thank you for the compliement It is a rather dapper picture, however it lacks the visual energy of yours.
At 2:00pm on October 28, 2007, Milton Tucker said…
Ello Donna,

Well I've upload some stuff, a variety media and soft ware let me know what you think.
At 10:01pm on January 3, 2008, Frank N said…
Hi Donna,

thanks for postiing the link. I'll work throught hat tutorial by Jean.
At 12:36pm on January 24, 2008, M A X said…
try out a zipped one: "www.max.artional/"
At 8:40am on February 22, 2008, M A X said…
hallo frau donna, i followed the trails of your ARTS in the www: one woman virtuoso!
At 2:35pm on February 22, 2008, Donna Kuhn said…
thank you, max.
At 11:33pm on March 3, 2008, Frank N said…
Hi Donna.

Any field report on vimeo? Did you upload films over there and how do they work?

At 9:27am on March 4, 2008, Frank N said…
Thank you Donna.
At 9:28am on April 2, 2008, Frank N said…
Hi Donna,

no, in the past weeks I was quite busy means I didn't have any time for research in this direction.

The only thing I did is, I replaced the Defunkt music-video. This I uploaded (as a divx-file) directly on to the ning server, they now excepting divx too. It doesn't look as good as it was when it came from the stage6 server, but it is OK.
At 3:23am on April 11, 2008, Frank N said…
Hi Donna.

No secrets, I just did it and it worked.

Maybe you saved your films with different settings!??!
At 8:54am on May 18, 2008, Donna Kuhn said…

thanks, good idea. so far it's not letting me upload an image. i will try again.
At 9:09am on May 18, 2008, Frank N said…
Hi Donna.
When I come to your page on the SA User Forum still a DivX Download Error appears. Just to let you know.

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