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At 9:55am on May 21, 2007, John Moorehead said…
Hi Paul, thanks for the invite.
At 9:57am on May 21, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
It's my Pleasure. I like your work a lot. Keep it up the good work.
At 11:43pm on May 23, 2007, a73x15 said…
thak you paul!
At 1:06pm on June 5, 2007, John McWilliams said…
I kinda stumbled in here, and so the larger image caught my eye, so I went through the sign up process and thought I'd say hello. I am at base level minus one!

I like what I see, so thank you.
At 10:46am on August 10, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
Hi Ben,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for your compliment. I have been working with Studio Artist for a year and half now. Except for the historical images, I take my own photos. Having a good image and preparing it before using it in SA helps a lot. I found an approach that I like and I just keep on trying different variations, sometimes adding a new brush here and there. Otherwise, like I felt at the beginning, I would be overwhelmed . There is so much to learn. I figure I would learn what I could at this level before venturing to film and animation. REpitition helps a lot as help. Keep up the good work. If you love it, your work will show it. Paul
At 7:21am on September 11, 2007, Frank N said…
I agree to Ben. I like your pictures too. Especially those who present that kind of irritating moment. Where one has to watch twice before figuring out that there is something wrong. That this is not a true photo, that there is something manipulated. Like in "Coney Island on My Mind" for example. How did you do that anyway? Is it done via image operation / simplify. Or did you overpaint it in a certain way?
At 11:39am on September 12, 2007, Frank N said…
Hi Paul, thanks for your detailed answer.
At 5:20am on September 15, 2007, David Kaplan said…
hey paul - thanks for your comment. been traveling and haven't logged in for a while. would be happy to get together in NYC some time. cheers, d.
At 10:02am on October 15, 2007, Frank N said…
Hi Paul, it seems like you were a little annoyed. I guess by exident I asked questions about the same picture twice. Sorry, my mistake. But don't worry I don't won't you to open your bag of tricks totaly.
But a little tip here and there can be so helpful, it is just, somehow you mentioned it yourself - hours and hours of trying things out. Help might save the one or the other hour. Anyway, except of the tutorials (which are really good) we just have this forum (by the way a good moment to say thanks to John who set it up and maintains it obviously every day). Thanks again to you too.
Best, Frank
At 8:38pm on October 15, 2007, Frank N said…
Thanks again Paul.

Best regards, Frank.
At 9:14pm on November 1, 2007, Synthetik Software said…
You should consider doing a book with all your Coney Island photos.
At 9:28am on November 23, 2007, Rob Williams said…
Love your work. I haven't made the purchase yet, wanted to know if Studio Artist works in anyway with Photoshop or if once I create a file in SA can it be saved in a format to do more work on it in Photoshop?
At 4:41pm on November 23, 2007, Rob Williams said…
Thanks for the response. I can't draw a lick, but I do a fairly decent job of taking pictures. I like to convert pictures to water colors and pencil drawings and I havn't found anything better than SA. I like to take several different photos and combine them and didn't know if SA would allow me to compose in Photo shop and do other work in SA and back again. Your imput has been the deciding factor in making a purchase.

Thanks again.
At 11:11pm on December 5, 2007, charles scharf said…
although i usually like your work, the pensive pirate really gave me a tickle and i couldnt help but write you and tell you how much i enjoyed it and your work in general, you are a very talented man
At 6:19am on December 7, 2007, Dee Flouton said…
Hi Paul,
Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I create based on photos taken here or in Spain: mostly flowers, nature in general, or events. Your Coney Island Project is unique, so keep it rolling!
At 3:43am on December 11, 2007, Dee Flouton said…
Hi Paul,
You're right about the strength of a photo, and altering it too much is dangerous in my book as well. Your latest "Frumpkin" is solid proof--it so strong to begin with. but the additional texture makes it a standout. I love it!
As for teaching, I still do, but online for the largest community college on the island, ncc, so I am in front of the screen 12-14 hrs a day. In between correcting work, I dabble--it's my much needed outlet. However, I feel way out of the league with those who post about sophisticated processes that I cannot get my brain around. This software is wonderful, but has such a high learning curve, that I find myself "stabbing" away hap hazardly most of the time and hoping for happy accidents to happen. When they do, I am pleased, but then cannot duplicate it because I can't remember what I did in the first place. I may be wrong, and may not have explored it enough, but the tutorials could use some updating and additional "simple" explanations for those of us who are not technically inclined. Seems like some processes have been ignored or not treated as fully as they could be. I have reviewed many tutorials repeatedly, but constantly have to come back to check something out. Usually end up having to work both in PS and SA to get something halfway decent. Cheers,Dee
At 8:07am on December 16, 2007, Frank N said…
Thanks for information Paul.
At 11:29am on December 29, 2007, Frank N said…
Hi Paul,
inside your tip relating to the outline discussion you mention that it is possible to erase any line. I do not see any erase function. How does it work?

Thanks in advance, Frank
At 10:52pm on January 3, 2008, Frank N said…
Hi Paul.

Wow, it is late night at yours, isn't it. You are always working :-)
At 11:21pm on January 3, 2008, Frank N said…
Hope you'll find a gallery. Good luck!!!

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