Minor Workflow UI Suggestions 1. Add "Set Current Layer as Source" and 2. "Set Current View as Source" to layer context menu.

Comment by Synthetik Software on July 9, 2018 at 10:36am

Hi Eric. Thanks for the suggestions. I had a few questions about them.

The context menus for the canvas include 'erase', which would erase to the current source image if you have erase setup to erase to that. Cmnd b also runs the current erase, and is probably faster than using a contextural menu.

Are you specifically referring to the layers palette (as opposed to the canvas)? We could add erase and full erase to the contextural menus in the layers palette.

I guess we've gone with 'erase' as opposed to specific erase options in the contextural menus to keep things concise. You want source, someone else might want current source color, and the erase popup lets you select which one is going to be used when you run erase from any of the cmnd key or contextural menu options.


As far as set current view as source, are you referring to the layers palette or the canvas contextural menus? We always considered that to be a pretty obscure feature for most people, which is why it never made it to the level of contextural or command key short cuts.

Comment by Eric on July 9, 2018 at 3:15pm
I didn't want to Erase the canvas. I wanted to designate the current canvas view or selected layer as a new source image. It would make it easier to quickly apply additional processing to either what is viewed on the canvas or a specified layer. I also think it would be nice if there were some method of quickly switching between multiple designated source images. Would be useful when it is desired to use elements of different images. without the need of creating a composite image first, or possibly color matching one source with another. Those would be more involved changes though
Comment by Eric on July 9, 2018 at 3:29pm
I know it is possible to accomplish everything I stated already, those are just modifications that would speed up my workflow in many cases. Hopefully others as well.
Comment by Synthetik Software on July 9, 2018 at 5:09pm

A source context action step in a PASeq or history sequence allows you to associate multiple source images with it as keyframes in the action step. So you can switch between different designated source images by clicking the associated keyframes in the source context action step. Or you could use multiple ones if you didn't want to use keyframes, but just play the individual source context action steps.

Here's a tip on context action steps.

There's also the recent source menu if you just want to move back and forth between a few different images you have been recently working with.


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