Most of this is an experiment with creating generative paint animation via live loop action movie streaming of a dual mode paint preset. The beginning sequence is from some stack filtering via temporal image processing effects. There's a lot of live adjustment of coloring and live editing of the dualmode MSG processors as the paint animation was being streamed. The paint synthesizer part of the dual mode preset is using time particles. I've got some lighting simulation going on in the msg preset in addition to the geometric transformations.

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Comment by Synthetik Software on September 19, 2010 at 9:10am
I'm forcing myself as an exercise to use Studio Artist for any movie compositing or mixing effects for anything i'm working on these days (as opposed to using a nonlinear video editor like final cut). One approach is to use Context Context action steps in the PASeq timeline for specifying the multiple video sources and attaching them to different layers at specific frame start times. You can then use something like the Fixed Image ip op with keyframing of the mix parameter if you just want to do a fade between video sources. But you can also get more involved with putting together more interesting transition effects.

The whole exercise is giving me new ideas for new features to make this kind of thing easier to put together.
Comment by liveart on September 19, 2010 at 11:30am

were you editing the MSG parameters live as the dual mode paint looped? If so, I think you can see the improvement that bringing back the user slider would be. No need to open the advanced editor would save real estate and simplify things.

I am happy to hear that you are getting deep into the compositng and mixing effects. This can only mean good things for us users. Another thing we can do right now is manually switch between layers while a loop is running. The active loop is carried on in the newly active layer while the previous layer holds the last image. This works particularly well if one is running a self animating MSG.

Bringing back bezier collections and adding a paint path loop ability would be very welcome. But the biggest thing that could be added would be multiple movies running simultaneously. Oh and of course different size layers. So we could have a movie within a move..


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Reflections of a Revolutionary Paul circa 1972

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