4K HD Digital Art Frames From Two SF Startups

Haven't been to the forums for awhile now, so it's possible you folks may already be aware of these companies, but I thought I would post the info just in case. I know many of us have to be excited at the possibilities of exhibiting our work in 4K resolution and apparently someday soon in 8K. (Not really looking forward to trying to manage such huge image and video files at that resolution!)

The two companies I was made aware of recently are Depict and Daylighted, both based in San Francisco. Their business models differ in several ways but the approaches taken are similar. Your work is selected and shown in their apps, where it can be purchased, and displayed on any HD monitor mounted vertically or horizontally. In the case of Depict, the images are served and encrypted from a cloud, and the user can change the artwork online or through the app.

I look forward to seeing some animations, video or interactive works exhibited in this way, among others such as projection, installation, etc.

John, San Francisco is changing - SF is getting too expensive!!

More info:



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