Flicker Free Watercolours like in "Year of the Fish"


I'm new to this forum and this is my first discussion. I've been using Studio Artist for a while now and like everybody here, I'm loving it. I'm trying to remove flicker from my watercolour renders, but have only just reduced it. I want to eliminate it completely or come as close to it as possible. I've already tried various solutions suggested in the documentation and on tutorials here, but they don't seem to work for me. To let you guys know, I'm taking video footage I shot and applying Image Operations to it (as opposed to using the Paint Synthesizer) such as the Geodesic Filter.

I've recently seen the trailer for "Year of the Fish" and was blown away by it. Does anyone know how they were able to reduce their flickering?

Any bit of advice would be greatly appreciated.

David Lei

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In 3.5 under the File : Preferences : Movie Stream Write Frame Flags menu there's one called 'Write Frame Each Sub Action'. This will dump a frame after each paint stroke.

In v4 you'd have to use movie stream autowrite and setup an appropriate autowrite timer setting since that particular write frame flag is no longer supported.


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