Hi John, I have a question about alpha channels in MSG Evolver:

I made a patch (see attached) and put an Alpha Out stream in it with the Bus Editor. Then I made the last processor's out set to Alpha Out. I turned the Alpha For View to Alpha On, and it does make what I guess is supposed to be the Alpha channel display as black or shades of darker stuff. I made a test movie but when I brought it into Studio Artist and tried to view the Alpha channel there was nothing there. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Also please find attached screenshots of the patch display with no alpha and with Alpha for View set to Alpha On.

Oh yeah I also have my movie compression set to None with Millions of Colors +

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In Studio Artist 3.5, the MSG alpha channel is not currently used when you run the MSG preset in the canvas with the action button. If you use it in the paint synthesizer then you can access the generated alpha channel. So if you made a paint preset using region fill as brush with msg brush load, then you could set the paint preset to route the msg alpha channel to replace the source brush alpha and use a source alpha brush type and then you can utilize the msg alpha channel as the brush.
Thanks John!
I did notice one thing about the msg preset you posted. The 1st and 3rd msg processors, AngularGrad2D and Foldover are both processors that have 1 input and 1 output. You use the blue output channel 'B Out' as the input to both. Which is kind of an indeterminate thing to do, since the output of the preset will depend on what is already in the canvas. Unless you really want that you usually want to use something to first set the BOut channel to something specific so the preset always generates the same output when run multiple times.
Well I was trying out different things, and I think I have made one that is similar, but that I like better, I was getting recursive again ;)
OK I made some cool brushes that use alpha generated from the MSG, totally rad! I love it.
The whole reason i initially added alpha to msg was for using msg presets in the paint synthesizer, with the alpha being the brush shape and the msg rgb then being the paint fill from. You can use temporal generators controlling the parameters associated with the generated msg alpha channel to create lots of different effects when using the msg preset in a paint synth patch. They could be time varying oscillators that vary as the path is drawn or wacom pen modulators like pressure and tilt orientation.

There's also a bunch of alpha related metaedits in the configuration menu in msg evolver you can use to quickly create something generating alpha.

Version 4 has a new feature called msg live source brush, so you can use a normal msg preset as a live source brush. With that you aren't restricted to msg brush load and the alpha channel in the msg preset.
Oh I can't wait for 4


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