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As you might have noticed, we're all in the middle of a global viral pandemic. We have customers all over the world, and over the last week i've been talking to a number of you. In many ways, i consider all of you to be a part of my extended family of friends. Unlike some crisis that only affect a small area, or a specific country, this particular one is going to affect us all in some way, no matter where we live on this planet.

I would encourage all of you to try to stay safe. Try to practice 'social distancing' as much as possible for the next weeks, months. Not just for yourself, but for others as well. If you haven't already stocked up on supplies for living, please consider doing so before it is too late.

As you spend more time confined in your house or apartment, feel free to use the forum here as a mechanism to stay in touch with others who also have similar artistic interests as yourself. Social isolation can be a problem, especially in a crisis like this, but there are people here happy to talk about art, artistic techniques, dive into the specifics of Studio Artist presets, etc.

I know i've been dramatically increasing the amount of time i spend working with Studio Artist on a daily basis, as a way to help pass the time during enforced isolation. I also find that creating art is a great way to work through whatever emotions are flowing through me. And certainly if you bother to read the news these days there is a lot to potentially get emotional about.

Everyone at Synthetik is working remotely from home. So we will continue our software development and technical and sales support throughout the duration of the pandemic. We are extremely excited about the various things we are working on here internally. We certainly aren't going to let the partial collapse of civilization get in the way of finishing them.

Now is actually a great time to speak up about features you want to see expanded or added, bugs you are running into, etc.

I've started up my personal art blog again. I would encourage you to maybe consider something like that as well. Working consistently on a regular basis generating art is a great way to hone your artistic skills. If you do it everyday, no matter what your level of skill, you will get better.

Studio Artist is so deep, you could spend years working your way through all of the different things you can do with it. And as they say, practice makes perfect. Or at least focuses your critical thinking.

So again, our thoughts and prayers are with you all, stay safe, and stay creative.

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  • Many thanks to the good feeling that inspires SA users and hoping health for John and wishes for this epidemic to disappear as soon as possible,
    As I asked before Please add a 2D Procedural custom shapes IVY|Floral generator for filling the regions without overlapping root/branches/flowers of course if it is possible.

    Computer-generated Floral Ornament Based on Magnetic Curves

    Thank you

  • Hi John

    Thanks for the good wishes...and same to you and your "families." Studio Artist friends have been my family in recent years. I am grateful for the site and everyone who contributes with their own unique vision of reality.

    Here is New York the reality of this invisible bug grows greater and greater. Subways are empty. Movies houses have been shut down and the streets are quiet. Supermarkets have empty shelves because people are panicking. Yesterday the machine to refill my Metro Card "ate" my card . The agency to replace discount cards is closed.

    The Art Students League has been shut down. That was my home away from home.

    Personally I am not afraid of the virus. Sound health and diet practices are my mantra. Meditation gives me peace of mind. And I continue to create a brighter reality using Studio Artist as my pen, pencil and brush set. It is such a wonderful limitless reality.

    I wish everyone well and send blessings and thanks to all. Continue with your art.


  • Thank you for this message... you made me laugh there on the partial collapse of civilization not interfering with your work. I feel like I am part of the extended circle of friends... I recall looking forward to your booth every year at MacWorld SF (back when that was a thing), and being mesmerized by your demos. I've been making some discoveries in SA recently, and agree that making art can be just what some people like myself need.

    You guys make a great app! I hope you know that we SA users appreciate you.

  • Stay safe during these unprecedented times.

    My only feature request is for animation support in a 64bit macOS Catalina capable version. From what I have gathered the feature would not translate to 64bit due to incompatible libraries. I hope a solution is being worked on.

  • John and all,

    Thanks for the best of wishes and advice.

    Health and safety to you and all the SA developers and forum folks. Well wishes around the world.

    SA has been a refuge and an inspiration for me for two decades. In a world where art and communication thru digital tools is shaped and in so many ways, restricted by the tools, the messy unpredictable, astonishing and above all fun I have had using Studio Artist and communicating with you (John) and thru this forum has been a wonderful and very human counterpoint to what sometimes feels like a digital straight jacket. Or perhaps a digital “rat race”. SA just doesn’t conform to the layout of a race track or digital maze - with only one finish line… That’s a refreshing difference I have taken much inspiration from.

    Our world is a messy place full of rough angles, hard knocks and many, many joyful, human encounters. Studio Artist and all, fit right in!

    Many thanks for keeping it real!

  • Please Add more custom command for Paint Action Script like Pause to add some manual changes and start stop streaming Or eve save the canvas until here and continue and so on...

    • So 2 separate issues here.

      One is the ability to add menu commands like save canvas as PASeq action steps. That has come up before. So, in the past (like V3, V3.5) you could use the File : Stream : Write Frame menu command, and if PASeq recording was on, that write frame command was added to it as an action step. That feature was taken away in V4 when the complete application was rewritten to be cross platform. I guess we could bring it back.

      Now the other thing you want to do is stop PASeqs manually. You could just run the the PASeq manually step by step instead. Stopping when you want to save.

      If the goal is that you want to only do stream output after some specific action steps, then it would seem like if we added the write frame feature action step feature again, that would give you what you need.

      Just in case you didn't notice it, there are specific menu commands under Action : Paint Action Sequence to move up or down in the PAseq action step list and automatically adjust the Editor settings based on the new action step.

  • First of all, I think that programming with all these functions should be very difficult and complicated, and I thank the development team of SA, maybe the features I need are already there and I don't know how to access them.

    Now there is
    Menus-->Canvas-->Canvas To-->Clipboard
    Please add these:

    Menus-->Canvas-->Canvas From-->Clipboard

    and many input sources such as vector generation now have: 
    Vectorize Source{Current Layer/Source/Selection} Please add to input Sources Clipboard too.

    Vectorize Source{Current Layer/Source/Selection/Clipboard}

    Or in other that get Sources like:
    _IP Source{Current Layer/Source Image/Current Layer Alpha/Region Selection/Layer 1/Clipbard}

    I asked this before too:
    *Now for creating "Paint Action Sequence"/"History Sequence" I must enable REC and play for example an Image Operation, Please alow us to select and put with drag and drop

    *Now I have some works that are very good but I dont know how to regenerate a new one because I don't remeber which features I have used, but with an option if (SA users allow) Exported JPG images will have the effect embedded inside. The same effect can be then later recreated by simply dragging the JPG file back to SA, The recipe will write in the JPG app tag (something like EXIF),Of course, this feature is really difficult and may not be necessary for the SA, But It will be great.

    *Please let us choose the our origin point as anchor point for brush or letters. we will able to use 5 color circles like this (Now I have problem in my Right to left language):

    Other Extra features:
    (These may sound funny and I know SA is a professional software For great Artists, but I can keep the kids at home with the same simple things during Corona quarantine)
    some tools to creating coloring book:
    Now we can use limited colors for palette:
    1-Please allow us to use more than 48 color
    2-I need to create some images like this without using extera Software such as Adobe:
    I think Ever We can generate high quality coloring book by SA, Adult will be stay at home too for more times:

  • Please think about this features too:

    0:Counter: Many times I'm not sure if an operation is in process or if my system has crashed, but it would be great if there was a counter that would indicate the number of the total remaining.
    for example Stroke:10000 of max Stroke:40000.
    1.Margin: Many presets do not use Mask for painting, thus if we can add empty margin or even better custom shapes margin, OR a FORCE Checkbox that when selected SA tries all the preset paints only in that Margin/Masked area.
    for example in this :

    SA sometime generate lines outside of the canvas and there is no option for change the total size and option for force SA to start from special point and finish in another special point will be good too.
    2.Pause: Many times I need to pause change some features and play again with enough time to make better.
    3.Mouse assist: During the automatic painting sometime user needs to assist the SA for generating better result;
    in Auto Mode The SA paints all around the canvas adding more and more details everywhere with all of the brushes for example in custom shape mosaic mode. I may however want it to focus onto a certain part image more than others (for example central object vs background) It will be good If I Simply click on the canvas where want more focus hold button for while and move the mouse around the area and SA follows my Mouse but with its own decision. another Option is Forced Brush: It will more strongly force the SA to paint at the desired area without its own decision.
    Selected only: brush This will not only force to paint at certain area but also force which brush it will be used from the List of brushes.

    4.Definite exit from the current process: I think I have had this request before, sometimes the current process is not interrupted at all by pressing the space key or Esc, and sometimes I even have to leave the whole program with the help of Task Manager, while probably with Tricks can solve this problem.


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Cloning - From Sampled Location Centre To Where Painted? How?

Dear Forum members, I'm atempting to create a cloner brush from which I can selected the sample point and paint from the sampled centre to a new location ( As one might do in Photoshop etc) but I'm having absolutely no luck.I've been attempting to use the features in Paint Source Offset > Tracking >Offset Start but it seems to be offsetting from the source image bounds (or some such voodoo) and not a specified sampled point.Any help in this matter would be greatly appeciated.

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