• Just to be clear about what you are asking for.

    Do you just want to create a flat colored region representation of an image?  There are a lot of ways to do that in Studio Artist.

    Do you want the individual colored regions to also have a thin black outline?  You can do that do several different ways.

    Or do you want to create black outlines only on a white backing?  You can do that as well.


    Suggest you check out the Color Simplify and Mondo Simplify image operation effects.

    You could also take a look at the Vectorizer effects.

    Using path start regionization in the paint synthesizer would be another approach.


    I can run you through a specific example or 2 once i fully understand what you are trying to do.  Definitely check out the 2 IpOp effects i mentioned, since they do flat color region effects from a source image, and can also be embedded in the paint synth if you want to do that.


    I guess my other question is if you want the output to be a raster image, or a svg file?  Both approaches are possible with Studio Artist.

    • Thanks for your reply.

      To answer your questions:

      The effect I'm trying ot achieve is that of a "finished" paint-by-number painting, beginning with a jpeg file. Is this what you mean by flat-colored representation? If so, then yes.

      I don't need any outlines, either on the colored areas, or as a line image, at least at this point.

      With regard to file output: Ultimately, I'd like to convert the image to a .tif, (for printing) so whichever would be most expedient for that process.

      Thanks again for your help.




      • So something like this?


        or like this?



        There is a Flat and Cartoon EFX image operation effect category in the factory presets you could take a look at.


        All of those are editable, so you could start with. one of those factory presets and then adjust it to get it the way you like.

        Of use other ones to process your source image first to better bring out the features (or reduce other features) in the cartoony effect.


        If you want more stylized flat color effects you could use the Vectorizer.


        Again, you can switch to the Editor for any of those factory vectorizer preset effects to modify and customize them.

        • Oh, cool- this looks like a good beginning to achieve what I'm looking for.

          I'll try playing around with it and see what I come up with. If I run into an issue I can't solve I'll reply here.

          Thank you so much for your quick response and helpful suggestions!


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