Autopaint settings to reduce overpainting

Hi all, this is my first post here. I've been playing around with SA for years and while i take a mad scientist approach on the whole and i'm pleased with the result i would like to get more control of it.

To start with, i have a Paseq that's using Bidirectional hatching to autopaint from source image colours. My issue is that the 'brush' goes over and over the same area many times. I'd like to know where to adjust this in the Image Operation settings. I'm using SA 5.5 on a Macbook pro 16".

In the attached screen recording, look at the gradient on the right. It's over-painting that to much for my liking! Do i simplify the colour palette or whatever that the autoapint is scanning? If so, how?


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  • If you can tell us the name of the preset you are using if it is a factory one, we can look at it and comment further.

    There are settings in the paint synth you can turn on to help prevent overdrawing.

    Here's a tip on controlling where paint strokes are drawn.

    • Thanks for this i will study it :)

  • it would help to see what your settings are, especially path start,  path shape and path end and path application. you may also have a repeat stroke (in path application) or scan repeat turned on somewhere. 

    one idea is try to find a scanning preset from the factory that does the kind of segmentation that you like and copy over those path and stroke settings to your paint preset without changing the look. e.g. there is a preset called 'Regionizer-Hatch' and 

    • It all began with the 'Coral Beach Shells' preset long ago. I like the 'slip trailled' effect similar to pottery but never managed to control it properly. I don't know if it's included any more in SA so i've uploaded it here along with a paseq that uses in in the current version.

      • i think i got what you were looking for. the main change was to set in Path start: Inhibitor: Skip blanking and Blanking:Path with Brush. I did some other tweaks, you may want to experiment changing the regionizing algorithm and adjust thresholds, etc. 

        paint preset attached



        • This is great thanks!

      • well the site went awol during upload so heres another try...

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