Brick Wall Movie Brush Example

Here's a set of presets that run through some different approaches to rendering source images as brick wall mosaics. After unzipping the download file you will have a folder called brickBrush. Place this movie file in the Brush folder in your main Studio Artist folder. There are several paint presets that show off some different approaches to building movie source brush mosaic effects with region as brush pen mode. There is also a paseq preset that shows off how to use the vectorizer to generate region shapes that are then filled in by the paint synthesizer using the movie source brush. These presets were posted in response to this discussion. A Studio Artist news blog article will discuss the presets in more detail.

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  • Please is it compatible with SA 4.05

    • Yes. 

  • Ok, here's the preset and movie brush examples in a folder called brickEx that was zip compressed on windows 7 (see the attached file). A mov file extension was added to the movie brush file in that folder, and i opened and then saved the individual preset files in V4 on a mac before moving them over to windows 7 for testing. They all worked for me on win 7. It will ask you where the movie brush is, so point it at the appropriate file in the folder.

    I also added a Geodesic Interpolation step at the end of the PASeq to fill in any cracks associated with the Region Fill as Brush fill in of the solid colored vectorized tiling pattern, as implemented in that old PASeq.

    In case anyone is interested in what to do if you have old pre V4 preset files and you want to make them workable for V4 on windows, here's a tip that explains what to do (in the Moving Mac Files to W....

    • Yes !! It works...thank you John

  • Didn't work for version 4 ? 

    I import brushmov, then not appear and so PASeq and preset

    • Just worked for me fine using SA 4.06 on a mac. When you download file, after decompressing the zip file you get a brickMoviebrushEx folder, containing the movie, a paseq, and several paint presets. the paint presets and the paseq preset all work for me, i just ran them.

      The mac's idiot gatekeeper security barks a stupid warning message when you try to open them on recent versions of osx, but you can manually override that by going to the Security panel in the main mac System Preferences and hitting the button that says open them anyway.

      Are you on windows by any chance? Maybe an issue with the mac zip compression not decompressing properly on your windows system. We have seen that before.

      • I use windows

        • It's possible they are old 3.5 presets, which would not open on windows, but would open fine in V4 on mac. Windows also requires that you put a .mov file extension on a movie file, and you will note that the movie file included in the folder does not have that. So even if they are V4 presets, that would be another problem with this download set on windows.

          When i get some time i'll try to compress them on windows for you and post a new win download zip.

  • Thanks John!
    The post and discussion on this process is invaluable. And you've given us some neat stuff here to play with and to de- and reconstruct.
    One question though. You outlined the way to colorize the movie frames relative to the source colors, but in choosing your images to go into the movie [brush] do you usually try to get an assortment of images that range light to dark, or does it seem to matter much? Some of the edge definition of your subject that you've gotten recently really [to my eye] is keeping the subject accessible without drowning it in the technique, and this to my way of thinking is a good thing. My own attempts at movie brush/mosaic paintings have been unsatisfying because of that problem and I think you've shed some very helpful light on how to get beyond that [problem]. Tanks again.
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