Can tell me if its possible to create the look of the brown wrapping paper with the wrinkled edges as in Mark's latest piece in SA? Mark scanned the paper in his piece.

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Here's a variation of Liveart's paper preset, that incorporates the source image into the brown paper texture. Again, this PASeq preset uses 3 layers, so make sure you have 2 layers in the canvas before you run it.


Thanks Michael & John,,, alot


I will play with it when I have time



I put together a variation of this effect that turns a source image into a stylized petroglyph rendition. Kind of like if you did a rubbing from the petroglyph rock surface onto old parchment paper. There will be a studio artist effect blog post on this that will appear on Dec 17th that discusses how i put together this effect in detail.

In the preset that I posted and that John has modified the MSG step is responsible for the "birch bark" texture. A while back I posted a set of MSG paper textures. Try substituting any one of these for that step and watch the difference.

Note most of those MSG paper textures were set to incorporate the source image. you will want to adjust that when subbing them in.

I think you could rework these PASeq presets to only use one layer.  You could build your texturing in layer 1, then set the selection to layer 1, then use the selection rather than layer 1 for the texture input and do the rest of the steps that are in layer 2 using layer 1.

It can be done in one layer. Using 2 layers adds a bit of flexibility in the approach. With the texture and the "paper" layer separate on can make adjustments to either layer independently.

I am trying to understand the reason for the Expand Selection and Invert Region steps in creating the papertexture paseq that Liveart and John posted.  Can anyone explain why these steps might be necessary?  I made a papertexture paseq (albeit, quite a simple one) and did not use any of those steps.



There's a lot of extraneous stuff you can remove from liveart's PAseq and still generate the effect.

He was using the select step to select the white fringe at the edges of the canvas, then by either using that selection or inverting it he can process the fringed edge or the interior of the paper. Expanding the selection just lets you expand the fringed area.

Now it is clear to me as it was hard to see what the expand step did, and the select step made no sense at all.  Now it does.  Thanks!

Dee, very happy you are pulling it apart.

I have posted 1 step textures in the past.

This one is a barely cleaned recorded history, done so that you might see my process as much as have a tool for making old paper. The idea truly is for you (or anyone else brave enough) to just use the bits you like or to use the process with entirely different preset operations. Raising the edges was part of Paul's challenge in the original post. (check out the paper behind "Havana" for an extension of this idea)


  I said very happy that you are exploring and I like your version- nice use of the burn auto paint.


I spent the better part of an afternoon pulling it apart and created 3 different versions in an attempt to better understand the process. Really wanted to end the process in the middle of one of the attempts by adding some texture or gradient, but it didn't materialize the way I wanted...The edging is easy, and so many variations too.


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