Call for Rocky Neck Art Colony Submissions to Curator Otto Laske

Thanks to John Dalton for this call getting some attention, and the recent answers from artists Stellatino, a73x15 (Alex), Ingrassia, and Bunner. Here I want to be more specific about submissions, prints, and sales.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the show is to highlight "abstract" photography of "photographic" clarity and quality in the tradition of abstract photography since Coburn (1916), Stieglitz, Moholy-Nagy, Kepes, and others. I believe that outside of "camera based photography" there is "scanner-based" and now "video-based" photography (animation stills, e.g., Detheux, Laske, D. Miller, many others).

SUBMISSIONS: For enabling me to put the show together, I request that you submit FIVE 4x6"" jpgs following the convention of name_no._title_size.jpg. Kindly keep the file small so it does not overwhelm your or my email. Once I receive your images I will keep you in the loop about the January 2014 show.

FUNDRAISING FOR MOUNTING THE SHOW: The show requires that I find funding for matting and framing the PRINTS you sent me if I include your work. I will begin the fund raising work when all work is in and has been decided about together with the Rocky Neck Art Colony, Gloucester, MA (RNAC; see its website).

PRINTS: If the show includes your work, I will ask you to send me your prints to Gloucester, MA.

SALES; All work will be for sale. A contract will be signed about share of RNAC which will be entirely at cost. Framed prints that do not sell will be returned.

This is a lot of work but worth the effort.

Thank you for submitting jpgs as described.

Be patient, my art computer just crashed; I am working around it.

Otto Laske

978 879 4882

Kindly respond to

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Is the image resolution that you want for the 5 jpeg images the same as what you would want to use if the pieces get accepted into the show?

Yes, I am a bit confused.  Are the "small" file size jpgs you want now simply for your preview purposes (with higher res files to be sent later)?

Also, you say you are looking for funding to matte and frame... and that we will ship you our prints.  So I am wondering if you plan to have us pay for and create prints?  And how large and will it be all five images we send as previews?

The answers to these questions would have an effect on which images I select for you, what size and how many. The confusion I am having is making it hard for me to know how careful I need top be preparing the initial 5 images.



see my email of today, Victor



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