can we have watercolor text in bitmap mode?

I always used vector mode for drawing with letters due to the limitations of 32-bit Windows (without any effect only type and letters), but in the new version, the question that comes to my mind is whether when drawing with letters In bitmap mode, can words be given watery effects when placed in a canvas? In such a way that it is calculated for each words/brushes and colors in its proper place?

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The short answer is yes, you can do this. 

You could just use wet paint effects that also draw the text.  Wet can be vector or raster by the way in Studio Artist.  We have the only wet vector paint i'm aware of. And you can use hybrid vector-raster where it draws the vector part and then overdraws it with a raster wet paint.  If it's a vector region, the wet part could be a wet region overdraw, or a wet rim that draws around the in of the vector region.

Another approach is to draw all of the vector stuff, and then run separate wet presets on top of it afterwards.  I do this all the time, especially when i setup gallery show cycles.

I'm running SA V5.5 stress tests on 4 different computers at the same time right now, so i'll try to get around to giving a more detailed answer a little bit later.

Is it possible to get the output of the vector file in the vector mode, which you mentioned is possible?
If you have time, please show it with an example or better with a preset. Thankful.

You can output a wet vector effect as svg.  It's just vector painting.  Craig has generated a million paint presets using this. 

Hybrid vector-raster wet effects will only output the vector part as svg.  You could of course try a different strategy for these where you paint it first, then use the Vectorizer to try and convert it all into vector, then output that as svg.

This thread caught my attention for a couple reasons.

I posted some interesting Paint Synth preset experiments related to this thread in the Cool Preset Sharing group here:

In the zip of a set of "crossbrush" presets are a couple of vector based presets that produce some interesting effects. They will probably not look totally like a wet pigment bleeding into a textured paper. However, I think with some extra work something like these could produce a nice watercolor like effect AND export to SVG. Examples of the presets can be seen in the image attached. The bottom row are vector based. The blending look is achieved by creating a layer above a layer with watercolor paper bitmap. The top layer is set to Mult 1.


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