I want to ask; I’ve been using the oil textured tighten brush.

The problem Is when I use It on the edge of the picture, It leaves a sharp strait edge.

I want to have an uneven/chaotic edge on the picture.

There Is a strait sharp strait edge, I want It an uneven/chaotic edge.

How do I get the an uneven/chaotic edge when I use the oil textured tighten brush, and keep the effect

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  • Ok, i'm looking at the 'Oil Textured Tighten' factory paint preset.  And it paints out fully to the edges of the canvas.  So the border of the canvas is totally fixed in with paint coverage.  So is that what you mean by 'sharp strait edge'?  Where when you say 'edge' you mean the canvas border?  Just want to make sure i understand what you are talking about.  Like referring to edges in the source image and how they are reproduced for example.


    So if my understanding is correct, you want something associated with the painting that is more feathered at the canvas edges?  In terms of paint coverage dropping out?

    Or are you referring to the paint path becoming more chaotic near the canvas border edge?

    Again, if i'm misinterpreting what you are asking about let me know.


    My other question is whether you really need the border effect you are looking for to be built into the specific paint preset you are referring to?  Or if it would be ok to get a border feathering effect with another action process in your PASeq after running the factory 'Oil Textured Tighten' auto paint action?

    Because you could always apply some kind of border feathering effect after doing the painting part to feather out the borders of the canvas.

    You could use a different paint. preset that does border painting to build that. Or there are other image processing approaches you could try.  Or you could selection mask the original painting so it doesn't go all the way to the edges, and then apply some kind of smear of warp effects with the selection mask inverted so it only happened along the borders of the canvas.

  • When I use the oil textured tighten brush.

    I first creat a white frame around the picture, In Photoshop, by usin the Canvas Size fuction.

    I sould have expained that first, sorry about that.

    I then use the oil textured tighten brush, that's where the sharp strait edge comes from.

    For an example, when you use the Oil Raised Loose brush, you see the border/edge of the picture, The picture below...You have an uneven/chaotic edge on the picture, when you use the Oil Raised Loose brush.

    That Is the type of border/edge to the picture I want to get with the oil textured tighten brush, What preset setting do I have to change to change the  border/edge of the picture.


    • If you look in the path Start control panel for the 'Oil Raised Loose' paint preset you mentioned, note how it is setup with the Lum Range turned on, Lum Min set to 0, Lum Max set to 253). So any parts of the source image that are colored 254 or 255 luminance are not going to be path start locations.  So this is why you get the border bounding effect you mentioned when you are working with a source that has a white boundary.


      Oil Textured Tighten has the Lum Range set to the normal default Off setting.  So set it up like i just discussed if you want the same kind of border effect you are seeing with the other preset.


      Again, all of this assumes you have a solid white border for your source image.


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