controlling flat region colorize

*Photosentitive epilepsy warning*

i just recently discovered flat region colorize and i'm going to town turning black and white line drawings into colorful patterns. my problem is that i don't have much color continuity frame to frame and especially with the background color. is there a way to fix it or say select the largest contiguous region in a frame (in the example below i can just global select from one of the corners but in general the scene is a lot more complex so selecting a region starting at a fixed point for all frames is not reliable). any tips would be appreciated.

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  • The base color is coming from the source image. So if you just do a recolorize mean, then you get source coloring for all of your individual region tiles.  Something like random hue randomizes the hue of that base color coming from the source.

    So you could feed an evolving color form movie in as the source movie and get your color variation over time in the animation using that. As opposed to running random variations of the coloring.

    Maybe there's another way to think about hue randomization that has some other way of introducing temporal consistency. So maybe the random number comes from a consistency texture field that slowly evolves over time?  That you spatially map into based on where the region is in the canvas?

    • this is very useful advice, i did not know what most of the options are doing. in this particular example not sure colorize from mean based on source would work because the forms are generated recursively through time-indexed paths but in general i think that technique would be very useful and i could probably change the drawing process itself.

      yes, spatial mapping was kind of what i have been trying to do.

      as far as time continuity, instead of randomization, the thing that is most helpful for me is routing signals. i'm comfortable enough with MSGs and i like how they have channels that can have their own timeline, so exposing those to paint parameters would be really cool.

      for this idea, i think i'm essentially trying to do a paint-by-numbers drawing but the regions evolve over time. another thought was to do some kind of vectorizer operation that regionizes the canvas consistently and have a color map based on region order...

  • That was never designed to really be used in animation, at least as far as the random coloring goes. Let me think about it.

    • i understand, it's really nice though, even with the seizure inducing colors. most of the generation options now seem random, but if there were an option to index palette/sort size then one could use a unique color to start then key out. i ended up doing some questionable things that look really raw but i kind of like 9209761468?profile=RESIZE_710x

      • and time-blurring a bit with some flow:9209767068?profile=RESIZE_710x

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