every time i make an edit then try to test it, the parametrs jump back to the previos saved state. How do I edit parameters with the editor and SAVE those changes so my PASQ run with the new parametrs?

i have spent way too long in the manual today (again) with out finding this answer :(

thank you :)

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  • Any editing changes you make in the Editor (either associated with a specific operation mode preset or a PASeq action step) are not saved (in the associated preset file or PASeq action step) until you actually do that manually.

    If you want to save your editing changes to a preset (like you have been editing a paint preset file), then you need to export those changes to the existing preset file or a new one.  If you option click the current preset icon, then it automatically saves to the current preset file (after asking you if you are sure you want to do that in a dialog that comes up and you say yes).


    To record your editing changes associated with adjusting individual controls in the Editor for a specific action step you have been working with, you can option click the red keyframe associated with the action step you were working with.  Note: the option key on a mac keyboard is the alt key on a windows keyboard.

    There is also a contextual menu associated with PASeq action steps (you control click an area of the interface to bring up the associated contextual menus, or you can right click on a windows mouse) that lets you record any editing changes you made in the editor in to the selected action step in a PASeq.  The Interface to Action Step menu is the one i'm referring to.


    As you can see the contextual menu options for a selected PAseq action step above, you can play the action step (which sets up the Editor appropriately before playing the action step, you can run Action Step to INterface which sets up the Editor appropriately but does not actually run the action step, and you can bring the modified Editor settings back to the selected action step using the Interface to Action Step menu option.

    Interface to Action Step is equivalent to option clicking the red keyframe at frame time 1.  You can of course option click a different keyframe time for an action step, and then you will record a new red keyframe at the frame time position.  Parameter values interpolate between their settings when moving between frame times that are between 2 different red keyframe cells.


    Studio Artist uses the metaphor of memory buttons all over the place in the interface.  You click a memory button to play back it's contents into the interface.  You option click a memory button to record the interface contents into the memory button.  The red PAseq keyframe cells act like memory buttons, so this interface wide working metaphor applies to them.  The MSG animation memories, or the paint synthesizer path memories are other examples of different kinds of memory buttons available in the Studio Artist interface.


    What i was talking about before about editing changes associated with a preset not being saved in the actual preset file on disk also applies to PASeq presets.  So if you use the Editor to modify some parameters associated with an action step, and then option click the red keyframe cell (or run the Interface to Action Step contextual menu) for the action step to record those changes in the actual PASeq, those changes are still not saved on disk in the PASeq preset file until you actually export the PASeq preset to disk (either overwriting the existing PASeq preset fiel or writing out a new one).


    Here's an 'Introduction to Paint Action Sequence' tip that covers what i discussed above about editing a PASeq action step.

    Introduction to Paint Action Sequences - Studio Artist Tips
      Paint Action Sequences (PASeq) are the heart and soul of Studio Artist.  Studio Artist is built around using PASeq’s instead of layers.  Studio Art…
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